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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Oct 7, 2004.

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  1. Fiona Phillips is one of the most annoying creatures alive, but she fell silent today when the father of one of the fallen RMP lads spoke out ref the lies Bliar and Bush had told about the existance of WMDs and the links to 9/11 & Al Quaida

    He was demanding to know why his son died, cornered in a small building with zero ammo whilst being lied to about the reasons for being there.

    Seems he is rallying round the families of the other dead lads and gathering support.

    Good luck to him
  2. He gets my support!

    TBLiar needs to start accepting responsibility that he lied to the British people over the Iraq war. However, I doubt very much that he will admit it, he is after all a Lawyer, lieing is second nature to them :evil:
  3. The more pressure he is placed under, and the more times he is called a liar live on air, I'm sure he will have to respond at some stage.

    I felt admiration for the fathers cause but feel gutted on the circumstances of his sons death.
  4. Total agreement on the cause and circumstances.

    As to TB being called a liar, isn't it time someone in Parliament acually used the word? PMs Question Time would be good - surely he'd have to respond then. Or is there some Parliamentary rule against "telling it like it is" (obviously taken more seriously than the ones about lying to your country and leading it into war for spurious reasons) :evil:
  5. i believe that calling him a liar wouldn;t really work - you would have to make some sort of motion to censure him. which i believe people are trying to do...

  6. I was under the impression that you weren't allowed to use the word liar in the house the word misled is usually preffered, but at the end of the day a spade is a spade and a liar by any other name is called Tony.

    Understandably the farther of one of the young RMP lads killed initially came across as a bit tired and emotional, but recently has been much more rational and looks to have shifted his focus from the Army to the Government which can only do his and our cause good, and by cause I mean a better equipped better politically led and a better looked after Army in our case.

  7. The rule here applies to things said in the Chamber of the House of Commons. It is "unparliamentary language" to accuse another member of being a liar. The Speaker can and does banish MPs from the chamber for unretracted accusations using the word "liar". The Member is usually given an opportunity to withdraw the remark first.

    Florid terms have been used over the years to get round this ruling, famously Winston Churchill's "terminological inexactitude".
  8. can hardly blame hime for the tired and emotional bit, but yes, i agree, now that his aim has changed, it can only be of beneift. dont think bliar realises this one aint going to go away
  9. True, but there is also the fact that slander laws do not apply in Parliament (an ancient one to stop MP's suing each other), which is why you will often here the phrase "would the RHG care to repeat that outside of The House"

    Why doesn't one of them just continuously ask "Why did the PM insist on telling a none truth"?, a very polite way of saying "Bliar, you lying cnut"