GMP warn of vicious gangland feud

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cavemandave, Sep 19, 2012.

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  1. After deaths of two police officers chief constable says feud between crime families threatens dozens of people.

    The gangland feud that killed two unarmed police officers and a father and son is threatening the lives of dozens of other men, women and children, the chief constable of Greater Manchester has warned.

    Sir Peter Fahy spoke as parts of one of Britain's biggest cities was under the grip of 24-hour armed police patrols after the murder of constables Nicola Hughes, 23, and Fiona Bone, 32, in the worst killings of police officers for five decades.

    On Wednesday a 28-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to murder the two PCs. Dale Cregan, 29, who was the subject of a five-week manhunt before handing himself in an hour after the killings, was still being questioned on Wednesday on suspicion of their murders and those of David and Mark Short.

    Fahy revealed that dozens of people in and around north Manchester have been issued with Osman warnings – detailing threats to their life – as a result of the vicious feud between two crime families which escalated dramatically on Tuesday with the murders of two of his officers in an apparent ambush.

    Grenades of the kind used in the fatal attack on Hughes and Bone on the Hattersley estate in Mottram were still in the hands of criminals, the chief constable said, and there were growing fears about public safety.

    Greater Manchester police warn of vicious gangland feud | UK news | The Guardian
  2. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    while having every sympathy for the officers killed, I have absolutely none for the pond life involved in this. if you lie down with dogs, expect to wake up with fleas.
    except it's never that simple is it? it's always some other poor sod who ends up suffering.
  3. I heard on the news that some of the Osman warnings relate to kids and they've needed special arrangements at school.

    I share the lack of sympathy for the adults, especially as they're threatening children.
  4. This is the Chief Constable who was in charge of Cheshire police when Gary Newlove was kicked to death. He appears to be more a social worker than a thief taking copper, more a wet liberal in that it's all societies fault rather than the individual having some responsibility for their actions. I'm sure GMP are kicking in doors of those they think are responsible, hopefully they will find enough evidence to put the scum before the courts and the courts impose exemplary sentences.

    If children have been threatened then they should be taken into care far away from their homes into a secure environment, and care proceedings started. They are also putting other children at risk in the schools and on the street.
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  5. I always like the old tosser's who brag about "Live by the sword, die by the sword". That's the way to live life it seems, until one of their mates gets killed, then it's all up in arms, police did **** all about it, he was a good guy, not scum etc...
    I think 95% of the fools involved in crappy gangs have no idea about the reality of losing someone and the dawn of realisation that they might be next on the hit list.
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  6. It is a tragic incident but "Worst for 50 years ?" Barry Prudom 1982 was a serious incident for example.

    In 1996 retired MI5 officer Ken Speakman was murdered by a burglar in his home. Speakmans extensive gun collection was stolen.

    Police were working to the theory that someone had got hold of membership lists of local gun clubs.

    Some time later, and with no progress in the murder inquiry, a burglar broke into the home of a businessman Mr Andrews. Andrews was a firearms cert holder too. He shot and wounded the burglar who made off.

    The wounded man was arrested by police and found to be carrying Ken Speakman's stolen gun collection.

    This is how Tony Swindells, a former member of French Foreign Legion, came into the frame for the Speakman murder. He was later convicted of the murder.

    In custody he proffered a confession to a doorstep assault on elderly tory Cllr Margaret Mortlock. In 96 Margaret had hit an intruder with a jardinier and grabbed the ski mask off the head of the combat suited intruder. Who had then fled.

    This confession was not used. The retired Head of the murder inquiry ex Det Chief Supt Biddis has recently hypothesised that maybe the assault confession was not used because it would complicate a murder indictment. But the fact is the muder inquiry chief had not known about the confession. Nor did he know that Swindells did not answer the description of Margaret's assailant. nor did he know that local CID had conducted a warrant raid looking for Speakman's stolen guns. Nor did he know that local CID allegedly had a suspect name "Tomlinson aka Tombs" as part of the reason for their warrant raid.

    So as far as the murder inquiry chief knew the first time the suspect name (For the Speakman murder) "Tomlinson aka Tombs" was from the accused who introduced the name as that of an accomplice who had killed Speakman. And the murder trial was told that the murder inquiry had checked every Tombs and Tomlinson in UK and considered the name an invention of the accused.

    The retired Chief Supt has sent a letter of concern to force pro Standards.

    What if householder Mr Andrews did not have a gun ?

    It is easy to smile that ex French Foreign legion swindells got the wrong house (In the sense he got shot) but it is also a fact (the murder inquiry never knew) that Mr Andrews lived opposite Margaret Mortlock's son. Perhaps Swindells literally got the wrong house .... having tried to break in the mother;s home was he after the son ?

    Perhaps the lesson is that householders should be armed to defend their own homes ? And instead of wider arming of police teach police stretcher bearing skills ?

    And Prudom was hiding 300 yards from the police HQ organising the hunt for him. Breaking into unarmed homes. Running massive police resources ragged.

    But for Mr Andrews that may have happened in Kent ? And police within one area one lot were concealing information and activity from another lot. Which could be amusing if they were armed and ended up shooting at each other eh
  7. ...and speaking of the old school, I see that Charlie Richardson has just died. I guess there will be plenty of misty eyed eulogising over him with the same tired old spin, "he loved his mum, he only hurt his own kind, you could leave your door open at night etc" ignoring that this sort;

    - never did a proper day's work and presumably paid little/no tax
    - ran extorsion rackets (i.e. stealing money off people who are not their own kind) that hurt innocent shopkeepers etc who presumably therefore had less to spend on their families
    - threatened innocent members of the public to try and frighten them into not cooperating with the authorities
    - were greedy
    - loved the hardman, macho, villain image and played to it
    - contributed bugger all to society but just took what they wanted
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  8. Apparently the GMP have bestirred themselves to the extent of arresting some tool that put up a facebook tribute page praising the criminal, on grounds of 'offence' and hurt feelings.

    I ****ing despair of this country.
  9. My boyhood in south london was overshadowed by Richardson and his satellites. A total bunch of cowardly ******* and *********. The midwife threw away the wrong bits when they were born.
  10. You forgot.... Enjoyed a bit of fudge packing in his spare time
  11. I wonder if they will leave that bit out in the inevitable avalanche of glamourised/sanitised film/books/interviews to come.
  12. ...making the turning of him into some kind of folk hero, come latter day Robin Hood even more unpalatable for you and anyone who had to suffer at the hands of him and his cronies.

    It happens to them all for some reason, local nasty git becomes man of the people in time. I can't figure it out though. Why are some people drawn into this bullshit? It gets lapped up.
  13. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Simple - stick all the gangsters into a disused warehouse. Allow them choice of weapons; survivors get bragging rights.

    Problem solved.

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  14. Richardson was a shirt lifter? Everyday is a school day.

    On of the Krays loved the penis as well. Are most violent criminals lovers of a bit of man bukkake? It would certainly explain how Cregan lost his eye.....
  15. And to celebrate their victory, a quick Auschwitz shower.