GMP Take New Approach To Homelessness Issues


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By announcing their intent to make the family of a convicted terrorist homeless.

BBC News - Munir Farooqi family face terrorism law property seizure bid (c) Auntie

Nice to see a robust approach being taken by the GMP/CPS. I just hope that the Judge doesn't wear the "Human Rights" aregument being proposed by the Munir family brief.

Apparently it wasn't Parliament's intent to make the families to terrorists homeless - which is why the Act says that if you're convicted that the state will seize your property.
And as they have been made homeless,I assume Manchester Coucil will have to house them?
That said Dale Fram dragged on for 10 years...........
Won't they be classed as having made themselves homeless, by conducting terrorist type offences from their house? I think a B&B style existence may be on the cards for the family.
Her brother, Harris, who also faced terror charges but was found not guilty, said: "The women and two children in the house are totally innocent and should not be punished. We shouldn't face collective punishment.
Why not? That's exactly what they and their ilk practice.
Do the women and children own the house? Probably not. If its his house it should be siezed and his family out on the street. If the house belongs to the women, its not his and shouldnt be seized.
A good argument would be if the house was in the convicted's name then the crown should be able to seize it and sell it off to recover costs incurred for the investigations/trial etc. Works for seizing goods under the proceeds of crome act so cant see why not in this case either.

Look forwards to seeing it on homes under the hammer some time soon!

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