GMP Officer assualt

A police officer has been suspended after he was allegedly caught by CCTV cameras assaulting a man in Manchester.

So it seems the big brother state has turned on the police, anyone seen the footage? Realisitcally he has to be kicking him - shame that one officers action will reduce the GMP standing even more after the undercover reporter who filmed the racist recruits etc [/b]
Slightly surprising that an ex-Para should complain about being roughed up by plod whilst pissed and committing an offence - SOP for Paras/RMP, surely?

What kind of name is Delbo? Perhaps his parents liked 'Only Fools and Horses' but couldn't spell....

On a serious note, Delbo may like to consider that if he hadn't committed the offence in the first place the whole situation would never have arisen.
I'd like to see the unedited footage before making any considered stand on this.
If the 'assault' occurred before he was cuffed it could be argued that the officer was using appropriate force to restrain a violent offender (a big feller who looks like he could handle himself, by the way). If on the other hand the beating took place after the suspect was cuffed, then the officer is in the wrong and should be penalised.
I know that it's difficult to switch off the emotions in the thick of things with the adrenaline pumping, but that's what the police are trained for surely?
He's on the ground, cuffed with two other officers holding him down and he's being kicked. As a chap out on the piss I regard this as excessive even if it is edited footage.

He might well deserve a slap for his behaviour but if the copper is stupid enough to do it on the street then he deserves what he's got coming to him.

'Sorry your honour - he fell down the steps' has a much better ring to it!!
GMP are big faggots, could have at least uncuffed him and gave him a chance, they can use truncheons of course.

But really, i think kicking him 8 times is a bit OTT, and starting on a passer by isn’t big. If they had a real reason to kick him, like he was going ape and they had less police on the ground then fair enough, but they didn't, over wise why would they stop when a young couple went by?

Anyway, the GMP are a bunch of fat bastards, look at him huffing and puffing.
spank_the_monkey said:
GMP are big faggots
you know every GMP officer then?

spank_the_monkey said:
truncheons of course
truncheons were wooden and they got rid of those years ago, batons or nightsticks if your a spam.

spank_the_monkey said:
Anyway, the GMP are a bunch of fat bastards
Again, know all the GMP officers?
What happens if you are arrested by a Police Officer, but are a commissioned Officer in one of the services?

Say i was just being loud...drunk and disorderly...(never!)
Yeah i know 5, theyre all fit ******* who'd run a fair few PTIs into the ground. The actions of one tosser results in good guys (and girls) getting even more sh*t thrown at them.
S_t_M if you'd have said the officers involved were big faggots and a bunch of fat bastards that'd be fair enough and your opinion, but does every GMP officer deserve that?
The bloke was a daft cnut for smashing up a bus stop (or whatever he did) he was even dafter for doing it near CCTV and dafter still to get caught..............don't think I'd be pushing the compo claim myself, I'd be too :oops: :oops: :oops: at getting caught. All in all it looked like a normal night down the shot to me :lol:

Oh yea...........the copper was just plain stupid (and probably and ex-bootie..........geddit) :lol: :lol: fcuk me I should have gone on the stage :lol:
Okay here's the question then what's the worst police experience ever to happen to you when you were out getting shit faced and loudly merry?
No matter how fukced you are you don't expect to get a kicking in the street, the cell yes, the street?
manchestermonkey said:
Yeah i know 5, theyre all fit ******* who'd run a fair few PTIs into the ground. The actions of one tosser results in good guys (and girls) getting even more sh*t thrown at them.
S_t_M if you'd have said the officers involved were big faggots and a bunch of fat bastards that'd be fair enough and your opinion, but does every GMP officer deserve that?
Might as well, easier than being reasonable.

A few years back i was fighting a few lads, all of us on the floor like tits with me getting the good kicking. The old bill turned up and stood on me to keep me down, also got a few jabs in the ribs too, but nought to write home about, I reckon the other two got worse treatment, but couldn’t see **** all with my eyes totally shagged to bugger’ey.

Average night in Newcastle to be honest, I miss the days. :roll:
End of the the day the guy was pissed up and smashed one or two things,(he broke the law) who has not done the same in his time. Yes, he got filmed...stupid.....but so did the plod...stupid, and that was not reasonable force, they was sober! on one drunk man. Look how one or two of the big mans muckers walked away when one of them played river dance on his temple........good blokes
so when will there be an ombudsman's appointed for GMP like Nula O'Loam for the PSNI. Obviously a PCA and external force enquiry will not be independant enough And if English forces are allowed to investigate each other that is a a breach of human rights for the PSNI officers........

everybody should go and fill in an online omplaints form at
who gives a toss about the PSNI, really. The RUC has my eternal respect and admiration, the PSNI is a joke. The 'old' RUC officers are slowly being forced out no matter what rank they're at - they are being made to leave.

Training instructor is talking to one of the first waves of PSNI recruits; he is giving a talk on illegal organisations, a recruit shouts out "so the RUC are in this list aswell". The instructor, 16 years with the RUC, struggles to not belt the ****** round the head, "get out" is all the instructor said. An hour later the instructor is hauled into an office with the ombudsman present, he is then asked does he have a problem with catholic recruits, does he feel he wants to continue in the police. He stayed, many leave.

I dont know names, heard this second hand from a high ranking RUC and now PSNI officer.
I agree with your sentiments about the PSNI and could give you lots of other stories about PSNI students (they aren't recruits) and the training college and on placement.

But if an ombudsman's office is good enough for Northern Ireland then it is good enough for the rest of the United Kingdom. Patton is the way ahead for policing in the whole of the British Isles..... :wink:
I feel I must give my respect and admiration to the GMP. Although the cnuts only ever do 60 through my streets in a van and are rarely seen on foot, I don't think I could, for one minute, do night patrols through the streets of towns situated around the City Centre. Convoy and Manchestermonkey would hopefully agree that these places harbour no-go areas after dark. Some terrible things have happened over the last few years involving drugs and machine pistols. Taxi drivers used as target practice and teenagers blasted at point blank in the throat so that the head almost comes off! I've experienced the trouble first hand when I 'strayed' into an area ruled by a gang of youngsters on BMX bikes !! Laughable I know, but the bottle or rounders bat over the back of my head and the subsequent beating I received for just glancing at one of them in a take-away was not deserved.

Slappings from the GMP are nothing new. I was born and raised in Longsight. When growing up, getting chased by the coppers for ‘misdemeanours’ was nothing new, but we all knew the consequences of being caught. I received my first punch in the early 80’s for being cheeky. My brother got a slap for being disorderly (a 14 year old chucking eggs at passing cars), my two mates beaten in the back of the van (arrested for D&D), and my uncle in the mid 70’s at the height of IRA attacks in Britain (stopped late at night coming home from the pub, and on hearing his slurred Irish accent, he literally had the poo kicked out of him).

The coppers who beat this guy probably had a belly full of shiite that night, so this incident must have tipped them over. What can I say? They subdued him by beating him, nothing new. Unfortunately this time CCTV catches it.

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