GMP boss Threat to national security

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by muhandis89, Jan 25, 2009.

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  1. Is there any reason why the supposedly respectable press is dragging the private life of a senior police officer of whom most people have never heard through the papers presumably to the great embarrassment of his widow and children? I might expect this kind of rubbish from a worthless rag like the Mirror but not from the Telegraph.

    Fucking ghoulish gossip-mongers. So what if his affairs could have affected national security; they evidently didn't, so find some real news and leave the man's reputation intact and his family to mourn in peace :x
  2. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    by the sounds of things, he was keeping the personal and private seperate - and wasnt dreaming up some bullsh1t discrimination allegations on work time - unlike some of his comrades in blue.
  3. I think the point(or one of them) here,is that senior police people,well aware of his conduct,hid this from their political and operational masters.That seems to be the real problem here.
  4. Aren't we lucky that the owners and Editors of newspapers have such impeccable records? What a state we would be in if such respected and worthy men were ever found to have lied, cheated or been dis-honourable in any way.
  5. Don't blame the paper too much - blame those who support it by buying it and reading below a headline that indicates what crap is being spread
  6. If their going start looking at private lives most of the Labour Government are in the crap then,their all former members of the commy party and are much more likely to sell us down the river than a bloke, who was just being a bloke, and putting himself about, glad I ain't famous they'd have a field with my past
  7. Wa'a sallam alehkum Muhandis!!

    Naw they hid it till he bypassed HR etc n went for a walk...

    The Ramblers version (Gawd bless ye Capt Oates) of the mess webley.

    Mind thi days Burns Day!!!!!! :D

    Tae absent Friends is the toast!!!

    edited to add; I was meaning serving forces personnel re absent friends
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Exactly - who supplied the references for his appointment at GMP?

  9. So the fact that he couldn't keep his dick in his trousers and his highly public choice of venue for dying didn't affect this saints reputation.

    Although less well known, this guy was from the same stable as the current crop of clowns running the Met.
  10. The point is journalists / media whores arent senior public servants who are in privaleged positions requiring DV clearance, senior police officers have great authority and regular access to top secret information, that his promiscurity did not affect operations is academic, it easily could have and at best his actions demonstrate his mind was clearly on other things for much of his working day. His colleagues were all no doubt aware that the Chief was 'at it' which im sure caused much sniggering behind his back and negatively affected his authority.

    Its not the press's job to spare the feelings of his family when they expose his actions and the implications for national security, it was the Chief constables responsibility to think of his family.
  12. I agree with you but anyone in high office will know that if brought to the attention of the media their dirty little secrets will be published. Look at the fuss over a recent video.
  13. What is the point of comparing the private lives of journos,with that of a senior police officer.They have quite different roles and resposabilities(particularly responsabilities).The Telegraph is quoting from a report being prepared by another policeman,after all!
  14. I was with a colleague of this man when his suicide was reported on the news.

    He said " So his private life has caught up with him at last" and that was before the details were released.

    Plenty of people in the Met knew what he was like and yet he still managed to be promoted to very high office.

    Says an awful lot about the police.

    BZ I agree with you, though by the manner he chose to end it, he did rather ask for publicity.