Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Forsaken_Child, Feb 7, 2006.

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  1. Putting this here as it's probably got the most geeks in it.

    Has anyone used GMail before and is it any good? I'm after changing my email as I'm fed up of offers about how to make my c0ck look bigger, I've already learnt that lesson. But need something that supports POP3 and I'm not keen on paying for it. If anyone's got an invite going as well that'd be great.



    All incoming email goes into a "pending" box so you can check it out prior to downloading.
  3. One thing to be wary of with Gmail is that it is run by Google. They scan each email that pass through their system in order to deliver targeted advertising to your account. This means that the company is effectively scanning and storing your private messages for corporate benefit. Although Google currently try to keep this information secret, you must remember it is a public company whose shareholders have recently forced the owners to change a few working practices to increase the market value of the company and their shares, primarily through giving in to Chinese demands for censorship of the search results in order to access the .cn market. It is entirely possible that the shareholders could force the release and use of private information about you (including the content of your messages), either to other companies or to national (read American) government agencies, for their financial benefit.

    Tin foil hat time?
  4. daz

    daz LE

    Re POP3 support and gmail, some isp's (bloody pipex) block port 25 therefore fecking gmail up :oops: :oops:

  5. Try Lycos ( - free, POP3 and/or use Outlook to get your mail.
  6. F_C, check your pm.

    Daz, haven't you had a word with them about this? Its not just Gmail which uses port 25. A lot of SMTP/POP mail accounts are configured to use port 25 by default - in fact, that is the purpose of that port... why would they block it, unless they wanted you to use their bespoke facilities and nothing else? Doesn't sound like a 'service provision' to me!!!

    If they get shirty, point them towards IANA the Internet Assigned Number Authority :D:D


    Edited to add: Gmail actually doesn't use port 25 any more. They have moved to SSL/TLS servers and are using ports 995 and 465.
  7. Check your hotmail account - you have mail! :D
  8. I tried that and outlook will not let me access the accts that I have
  9. Bit unfair on google...

    All companies are able to see the contents of your email when its sitting on their server. Just because google have been ingenius enough to target some discreet advertising to you (therefore increasing revenue and offering you better services) it doesn't mean they are any more likely to pass your information onto 3rd parties.

    Many companies have given in to Chinese censorship requirements (Yahoo passed on info resulting in an arrest and who knows what in prison, Microsoft don't allow the word 'democracy' in the title of blog entries). At least Google have agreed to place a warning on results which have been filtered by the Chinese. Also, they have refused to offer Gmail in China as they feel they cannot guarantee privacy agreement.

    Don't be evil.

  10. I use incredimail to collect all my mail. I know lots of people don't like it. I have 4 gmail accounts among others and have never had a problem.
  11. daz

    daz LE


    Ta for the heads up mate, i was unaware that they had changed ports, just tried it and the bloody thing worked :oops: :oops: :oops:

  12. Incredimail is pretty good. I was particularly impressed with the "Bounce" feature, which allows you to return a configured email message, allegedgly from your MTZ stating that their email was underliverable. Good for real addresses, fairly toss for spoofed addresses. But an excellent idea, nonetheless!


    PS No problems Daz. Like most IT problems, they can be resolved by fixing the "loose nut in front of the keyboard" :wink: :lol: :lol: