GMail, anyone?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Snow_White, Sep 8, 2004.

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  1. I have some GMail invitations. If you would like an account, please PM with an email account to which the invitation can be sent.

    No, there's no money involved anywhere, and if you don't know what GMail is, you probably don't want an account!
  2. yes please,
  3. are you after that free ipod/mini ipod?
  4. What free ipod? I have enough junk.

    Pensioner: re-read the OP.
  5. Invites for GMail are all over the bloomin' place, and people are crying out to get an account...

    Apart from the 1MB of space you get, is it really that good???

  6. HVM, it's 1Gb

    Basically seems to be billed as a large online storage facility. But you'd need a high speed connection to fill it and the retrieve. Seems a little pointless.

    Gmail accounts on Ebay
    Gmail on Ebay

    Maybe that's an option
  7. [​IMG]

    (Holds head in shame)
  8. Anyone wanting a e-mail with a large storage capacity could also look at

    Free and works on Windoze machines as well as Macs.
  9. Not that I'm an expert - I've only been using it... but apart from the storage, on-going 'conversations' are collapsed into one thread (which means the inbox looks less cluttered), it's designed so you can search for a particular message, it claims to be spam free(!) and apparently you can leave it dormant for nine months before it dies, unlike hotmail / yahoo! which are 30 days.

    So far as I'm concerned it's a new toy, which I am testing / playing with for the time being, for no more reason than I can :D
  10. I got me some more invitations... Can't get rid of the things!
  11. Right, you muppets:

    Yes I still have invitations (9 to be exact), but if you would like me to send you one, could please include an email address in your PM to me?

    It's getting slightly boring having to ask every time :roll:

    OK, I'll be fair, so far at least one person has got it right first time...
  12. Well thanks Snow_White - I now have the GMail up and running and will tinker, test it etc....

    But I am not sure I like the sound of that potential uses/abuses of Gmail outlined in the link provided above ^ and that isnt the only website I have seen about the sinister overtones of GMail....

    Anyways - will muck about with the beta version