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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ord_Sgt, May 26, 2003.

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  1. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I am curious as to what other readers think of the GM debate.

    I have just watched an interesting report on the BBC about the US trying to force the EU to accept GM modified foods with little or no labelling.

    My concern is that as a consumer I would like to have the choice. I am not fully informed but feel there is not enough research about this. Just look at the BSE debacle where we were told all is safe and OK but it has now been shown to be wrong.

    The US position is, as I understand it, that Europe should accept GM modified food and sell it without labelling it as such. I have no rational explanation but just feel uncomfortable with this and if I could choose would not buy/eat GM modified food.

    What are your thoughts on the subject? Are we (the Europeans) being paranoid or is there a genuine concern about how this will affect us?
  2. Well, it must be alright, Government scientists have asssured us it's safe.

    Thank you Sir, thats great! leave to carry on?

    Meanwhile, in the library at stately Wayne Manor.............
  3. I think it's important to separate the 2 arguements here.

    I don't have enough scientific knowledge to say whether GM food's OK or not. I couldn't argue with the scientists on this one.

    However, I do know that we should have the right to know what we're buying and eating.

    As the science arguement is currently unprovable (although the UK experiment looks like it's going to start soon), I think the 'freedom of information' arguement should be stressed by those of us who are cynical about GM. This will enable people like you and me to opt out of the experiment. Of course, the US food companies know this, hence their opposition to accurate labelling.
  4. Good discussion, but as it isn't linked to any military discussion I'm going to move it to Current Affairs.

  5. I'm not sure if I've missed the boat on this one and I'm no expert on the way GM food is produced but here is my 2p's worth;

    Since the development of Organophosphates/Pesticides/whatever, society has become increasingly "sick".  It may not be related, but there are more cancer related illnesses occuring in our generation than ever before.  Who knows what you ingest on a day to day basis, hence the trend in buying more and more organic.

    Surely research into making crops more tolerant to disease/pests etc by modifying there genetic makeup is better than spraying with chemicals that ultimatily end up in the food chain?

    The wooly jumper brigade (not Cav officers) go around trashing any research that goes into GM foods saying that they are creating a Frankenstein crop and that it's all about corporate greed, but the Chinese have been using GM food out of neccessity due to all the mouths they have to feed and it hasn't done them any harm (or has it?).

    I could be barking up the wrong tree, but I think the Govt should grow a set and provide some proper research results so thickets like me can make some informed decisions about what I buy.

    Now battery Chickens, don't get me started.........

  6. My dad works in agricultural development, currently in Ethiopia, but has worked all over Africa. They have been using GM modified seeds for years - they have to be GM to overcome local diseases and crop pests. It also enables them to increase the yield of the crops they grow significantly.

    Pretty ironic that Zambia rejected a load of food aid because some of it was from GM crops........... ;D
  7. I think Zambia rejected the aid because it wants to be GM free, to help future agricultural sales of cash crops.

    If the country that tried to give them GM food (wasn't  it the US?) had been interested in helping Zambia, they'd have offered something that suited the Zambians, not that suited their agricultural industry. (Not trying to pick on US - no suggestion EU aid is any better.)