I am truely a Glutton. As I sit here with my stomach doing an impression of a pot-bellied ethiopian I wonder how many people could have been fed off my cramp inducing meal. Having nothing worth while to do this evening I decided I would cook a roast dinner for the first time. As such i cooked the usual assortment of veg, roast potatoes, gravy and joint of beef, of course instead of cooking a small amount of each I cooked up all the veg & spuds I could find along with a succulent beef joint with plans of feeding off the proceeds for the next couple of days. How wrong I was. The joint of beef is now rotting in the pit of my stomach as are several pounds of potatoes and various vegtables. I'm hot, sweating and feeling ill, though strangely satisfied. No doubt this pales in significance Arrsers with 30 years of scoffing at Her Majestys pleasure, any one got any good tales of pie eating bastards who couldn't say no?
Once had a competition of eating chocolate snow balls ( for those of you who dont know is basically a giant marsmellow covered in chocolate, then with a spinkling of coconut over the top)

Me and a friend loved scoffing these things but if you eat to many of them they make you feel really bloated and sick.
So a competition was set on see who could eat the most before one of us threw up and just to add to the fun, after every snow ball we ate we had to drink 3 fingers of a beer.

So as you can imagine the contest started off with us just throwing whole snowballs in our mouths and munching and giggling like school boys who have been given there first jazz mag.

By the time the 10 snowball had been downed the feeling of sickness really started to come in.

By about 20 it was now making us feel really sick, as it felt the beer was chemically reacting with marshmellow so much it felt it was about to be sprayed out your nose.

when i hit 24 that was me done, my insides gave up and i puked like a goodun.

it took my mate another 6 before he blew chunks,.

I have never touched the once favorite snack ever again, and it has been 8 years since this happend!!
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