Glutton for punishment

Right: first things first - yes, I am a newbie.

I noticed a thread by another member where they did the usual;
"Hi, I'm new, please reply with smiley and wavey emoticons" and thoroughly enjoyed the ensuing roast.
Now being a self-obsessed bag of shite, I wanted my own thread.

Any :wave: 's will be spat on. (OK, OK the girl doth protest to much, I'm only looking for acceptance)

If you want to know anything about me, I will tell you this:
I am a very, very bored child (sadly only a child mentally now, but you may fantasise if you like) of a retired RSM.

Prae, don't encourage it.

No gash shots will be even remotely as desirable as the one legs MUST provide us with post op (with swelling, stiching and infection if possible please)


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Good afternoon my dear. Take no notice of the crass comments by some of our members, the 'Care in the Community ' program has not worked too well.
Now, I am an old-fashioned and honourable gentleman. Come, sit beside me and tell me all about yourself. I am totally harmless and will take good care of you.
old_fat_and_hairy said:
Well, I really won't charge you much. Sice you are young.
I apologise, in my haste to reply my post was unclear - you pay me dear, not vice versa (although I am sure you are already aware of the 'rules')

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