Glute aches

OK so hopefully someone will be able to shed a military slant of light on this little issue as I should be doing RSC/ADSC or whatever it is within a month or so...

Months ago I decided to knacker my leg doing MMA... and being a genius I thought I'd just train through it... but it didnt work out like that.

The pain was in my glute/hamstring on my left leg only. It did not hurt during exercise, only afterwards after my leg had been resting for some time.

I decided to see a Physio who proceeded to electricute my leg with pins and stuff, then pull it into weird shapes and pretending that what she was doing was "massaging". Anyway, two sessions of this and my leg was much better. I was still steering clear of running though.

3 weeks ago I went on an Army Cadet annual camp and was working with Cadet Training Team, doing running about, crawling on the floor, other daft things like that. The leg was fine only giving me jipp on 1 day, and that wasnt too bad. WooHoo thought I...

Got home, fine, went swimming yesterday morning and did 500 metres... leg ached all day. Woke up this morning, a bit better but I still know the ache is there if I over-stretch my leg.

Obviously Im worried about this as I dont want it to screw me around in Basic, or on the ADSC. So any advice is hugely appreciated.
Dont go to your g.p with it, go to a specialist. If you go to your g.p it will be on your med records and they may well deffer you at the selection center and you wouldn't want that. See a physio and try and find out what is wrong with it rather than just treating. Ibuprofen is a mans best friend. Dont forget that! Good Luck.
ok cheers for the advice :) Went to a Osteopath and apparently something is inflamed, and different bits of my lower back (werent, because he jumped on them and fixed it) as subtle as they should be, so im icing it and taking lots of the miracle drug (ibuprofen).

Shame that his diagnosis was completely different to the other osteopath's one (microtears).

Oh well, should be fixed in a matter of weeks if I keep numbing my arrse with ice...

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