Glued to the telly

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Mar 23, 2003.

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  1. I Imagine all of us are eyes front and fixed to the news.

    Have yet to see a Lynx though, seen everything else
  2. Saw a floppy on the back of a low loader the other night.  But not a sign of the mighty third :(
  3. I saw that, looked right out of place too! Brought asmile to to the face! Perhaps Saddam had ordered it as a gate guard for one of his palaces!

    ;) ;) ;)
  4. I think you'll find there were Lynx at Ramara today where they were trying to secure the oil wells. This can be seen about every half hour on Sky!
  5. Yep - at least two lynx circling the area and flying nice and low, at least the lads will be current!! ;D ;D ;D
  6. Seen beter than the constant stream of Hueys Uh 60s etc.

    Just a shame the DGs aren't as good looking as they used to be ;D
  7. Has anybody got any idea what the fighting 3rd is doing in the sand as we arent seeing much of them on the on going media circus lately 16AA seem to have gone to ground. ???
  8. Just seen a Lynx landing at Swansea Airport, going the wrong way methinks, apart from I haven't seen anything on the telly at all.
  9. A source at Shawbury told me that the lynx aren't flying and the mighty 3rd are busy guarding POWs. :(
  10. Saw a floppy on the box today flying down the MSR.

    Going the wrong way though ;D
  11. Surely that just means it was coming back!!!!!!
  12. Good point Mutt ;D

    I shall send myself to a corner and beat myself severley ;D ;D
  13. Apparently rounds have gone down the range!  And the lads are busy!
  14. There seems to be a lot of toing and froing about the information us guys have had on where and what 16th 3rd's heli floppies are! We are being told one thing by the local press and this is then totally cotracdicted by the station etc... Apparently we are supposed to have some kind of formal update soon HA!  :mad:

    I know for a fact that they were definitely in the Ramalia region last week and that was due to seeing the poor buggers on Sky, but as I say, think of all those hours! Sorry trying to laugh in the face of adversity today and not really winning! ::)
  15. Seen Booty types zooming up and down the MSR, but little of 3. Besides which, arent they directly supporting de Erste from PanzerLande. From the open source material on TV, looks like 16 are once again being used out of role! Big Windys are even being used to ferry Leathernecks. Bet 16 were green with jealousy when the Spams Parachuted in up North:mad: