If you find yourself searching for a decent pair of gloves try Dents (est 1777) shooting gloves. I have had a pair for about three years and they are still good but look a little tatty now.

Made of very fine kid green or black leather like UK aircrew gloves they also have a fine pure silk lining. They are no thicker than aircrew mitts but much warmer, without the bulk of CS95 Gloves.

The trigger finger is split so fold back with velcro, so you dont have to chop them off.

Light years ahead of aircrew or Nomex gloves, just do a Google UK search for Dents.

The problem with leather is how it contracts under intense heat such as the flash of an IED. Any exposed fingertips also buy the farm, obviously, so it's good that yours are dual-purpose. Just saying...


War Hero
I prefer the good old leather mitts as issued - for handling barbed wire.
Leather with loads of space and metal grips too boot.
Nothing penetrates those feckers!
Multi functional too when you add KY Jel back in the block for ritual self abuse! :)


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