Anyone know of lightweight gloves (i.e. not big **** off trigger finger mittens) which are really warm? This morning i thought my fingers were going to drop off in my CS95 gloves they were so bloody cold. Also, my '95 gloves got a bit wet and now one glove has wrinkled and looks generally shagged out, bloody gortex 'lined'.


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When I had to sod about with the frozen chozen many years ago I bought some gary-lined ski gloves which were pretty tight fitting but still warm and waterproof. They were dark navy in colour and had a synthetic grip in each palm, thumb and trigger finger but I can't remember the company that made them. Try a skiing or climbing shop, they'll probably have a load of different makes and colours - definitely black and maybe olive too. (Fat chance !) Used them later for UNPROFOR - well worth the money. Good luck.
Not a bad idea, think i will have a look around tomorrow and also see if i can find my NI gloves, they might be warmer than '95's, and handwarmer.
If you know any faggot aircrew, they may be able to get hold of silk inner flying gloves (the outer leather gloves are crap). They tend to be very good and if they get wet, dry quickly.
Got some of the outer gloves off my cousin in-law (?) who is a crab, also a total faggot, so i will try a 'acquire' some of the inner gloves off him.
I use 4 mm neoprene gloves that are intended for fishermen. They do get wet, but the lower layers warm up with body heat. And they have holes to release the thumb and index finger (needed for casting a multiplyer reel in fishing), and ideal for shooting. Works for me
You could also try the neoprene gloves intended for horse riding such as those made by Woof or Dublin (try a tack/agricultural shop or outdoor activities supplier on the web). The Woof ones are pretty good for shooting in the cold and they remain fairly supple and warm when wet (like a wetsuit) if they fit properly. However, they are really horrible to put back on once wet and the leatherette palm while remining grippy goes hard once dried out and needs to be "broken in" again.
just order two pairs of gloves off the net, one being dublin waterproof fleece gloves and the other being woof neoprene gloves, they both look the job and only cost me £30 all together. Found me NI gloves to see if they are any better until i get my new stuff thru.

Thanks a lot lads.
Boxing gloves! Keep your fingers nice and toasty and very handy in case you have a fight.
How about a nice oven Glove, ideal for handling hot potatoes and can be bought to match both kitchen and uniform.

Aircrew inners are also ideal for treating yourself to a posh hand shandy, even better if they belong to someone else and you tell them after they have been eating thier lumpy box. :D
Agree with the suggestion of neprene gloves. A lot of the good quality ones supplied for shooting or fishing are excellent when wet.
Hard to get one glove to suit all situations.
Fcuking tossers.............gloves are for faggots. I did three winters in Norway and never wore gloves once. So what if I've only my thumbs and part of one index finger left, I'm fcuking nails :lol:

Might be showing my ignorance about current training methods but gloves were a big no no when I was in. Yes we got them issued but they went in the bottom of your kit bag and stayed there.

Apart from Norway anyone seen wearing them was given shed loads of abuse, this wasn't a 'macho thang' just that we were taught that wearing gloves could hamper your weapon drills.

Times they are a'changing
The Lord Flasheart said:
You see in your day egg, one needed to be able to get his powder out the horn promptly. :lol:
..........and as for rifle slings.......fcuk me, I'd have rather punched the Razz Man on his beak and take the consequences than be seen with one of them on my rifle.

Theres an invite for some smart arrse Welshman (MDN) to post a picture of a Para with a sling on his kellogs burp gun.........(yes I've seen them already, like I said........times they are a'changing)

BTW Flash I'm only 37 your older than me you cnut :lol:
Youre older than me, moroon machine!!

Typical para, if you have the kit, use it. You'll be telling me next that its girlie wearing boots whilst yomping!!


I saw some in a septic magazine that had a battery ppowered heater in the lining. Not sure if they're any good but sounds a bright idea! Not sure if good wet though!!!
The Lord Flasheart said:
Youre older than me, maroon machine!!

Typical para, hard as fcuk (and rather dashing with it), if you have the kit, use it. You'll be telling me next that its girlie wearing boots whilst tabbing!!

I knew you were a pup Flash :lol:

BTW you got issued boots, you lucky barsteward............we only had rags to tie round our feet or you went bare foot............when I say rags I mean newspaper..........and it was wet..........and from the Sun.

I feel a ............when I was in we never had fcuk all.........type of thread evolving here. :lol: :lol:
Luxury................ etc etc :D

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