Gloves - to be used with the GPMG

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Fishsoxs, Mar 10, 2008.

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  1. Just had a weekend in Brecon with the GPMG's and felt that my current issue gloves, although very good, were a little too bulky when using the gun.

    So has anyone got any decent alternatives to the issue glove?

    Thanks :thumleft:
  2. Get on with it.

    However if not

    Berghaus Windstoppers Sprayed with some cheapo waterproofing a couple of times a year!
  3. Just don't wear gloves whilst firing and carrying out drills ya big fanny!!
  4. The sealskinz merino wool liner gloves are very good. They are just a thin woollen glove but I've worn them when out deerstalking etc.

    They now do a waterproof superthin glove but although I've seen them I've not tried them myself. Could be worth looking at both.
    Here you go:||~@c~@b|0|user|1,0,0,1|26|

    They're even British!
  6. Gloves.........?
    all I got was initial issue skin!!! :D
    cold in Brecon hmmm bit wet but cold.....
    maybe we were made of sterner stuff, or just used to gettin naff all issued,
    'If you were meant to wear/hav it I'd have issued p1ss off'
    CQMS quote 8O
  7. GLOVES???????????????

    Are you a poof?
  8. In that case, I should wear a pair of studded welding gloves then.
  9. I find the US issue pilots gloves to be a very snug fit and therefore quite good for that sort of thing but you need to wear them in a bit as the leather facing is a little slippery when new.

    There are any number of expensive combat gloves by Hatch, Blackhawk and others that might be perfect but cost an arm and a leg. (Cheaper if you can get them from USA or a PX)
  10. Stop being a hom,having blood covered shredded hand's is what being a GPMG gunner is all about.Having fairy liquid hand's is far from ally.
    If you absolutely must wear gloves (SF in sandy place's springs to mind) just cut the finger-tip's off of your ish glove's.It will give you the dexterity for IA's and still give decent protection from burn's ect without forking out for the gucci kit.
  11. Think that is words of wisdom . Any glove which is thick enough to keep
    your fingers warm and dry will be too thick to do drills with .
    issuse gloves can be replaced when hot barrell meets glove and it will
    the gucci gloves for sale are all either too thick to do drills with or too thin to keep your hands warm imho.