Gloves for EOD work

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by satellitedriver, Jun 10, 2013.

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm pushing out to Kenya on Ex Pineapple (UXO clearance) soon. Because I'm a dirty, dirty STAB, I don't rate my chances of getting issued a pair of decent gloves, so I'm looking at shelling out some beer tokens.

    Must be:

    • Tough enough to be happy picking up bits of frag (and working in those legendary bastard bushes)
    • Dextrous enough to handle dems kit/GPS/etc.
    • Lightweight/cool enough that my hands don't melt into a pool of sweat
    • With fingers (poking around bits of frag)
    • Not outrageously expensive

    There is no shortage of "Elite Ultra Tacticool SF Uber Para Nite Death" gloves on the market, so I thought I'd ask for a few suggestions rather than waste my money.

  2. Don't spend your own cash on kit. Just ask to be issued whatever is current for role. If the computer/CQMS says no, sue the arrse of the Army when you subsequently get an inevitable paper cut :)
  3. I'd like to, but we're having enough trouble getting desert boots and camelbaks issued never mind gloves!

    They're about the only thing I intend to buy (other than a few creature comforts), as I don't mind 'cause they'll get a lot of use at home as well.
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  4. East London mate. It's rough.
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  5. Let the forum have more details without identifying yerself and I reckon the Sun of the Daily Mail will be soon writing about our brave soldiers being denied essential kit kit by a desk-bound pen-pusher. Having said all that I managed to serve over 25 years doing EOD disposal on four continents without ever wearing gloves - I just lounged about with my hands in my pockets!
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  6. Why not just buy a decent pair of gardening gloves- they do exactly what they say on the tin.
  7. <feigns surprise>
  8. I wear these, wore them in sub-tropical 90% humidity, 100 degree heat. I had two pairs mind, one for before lunch and one for after, 'cos they do get absolutely gopping wet, as they all do.


    Material 4X Original Glove : Mechanix Wear
  9. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    That works on the truck park as well.
  10. I would think any decent pair of work gloves will do for piling boxes of PE on blinds..
  11. Is the correct answer.
  12. As said a pair of leather gardeners gloves. Yes your hands will get hot but they also come with the option of ******* taking them off.

    However if you are desperate ask Dingerr, he may have a spare set.
  13. I'm not a fanny, so the only gloves I used were forensic, but that's mandatory in some situations.

    However, on occasion, when cutting my own route, I'd use a pair of cheap, but robust, gardening gloves.

    Take a 2in paint brush and sharpen the end of the handle.
  14. Dingerr is no doubt the authority on EOD but if you're looking at options I use Petzl Cordex every day at work

    They're really tough in the palms but cool fabric on the back, I happily work with 6mm nuts and bolts whilst wearing them, and they're about £30...

    CORDEX | Petzl