Gloves - any ideas?

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by rabid spaniel, Dec 5, 2012.

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  1. Need some suggestions please. I'm obviously getting old, becuase cold hands are starting to bother me. Neoprene has failed to impress so far - thin, so great feel, but I can't feel my fingers...

    Don't care what they look like (not trying to impress), but need to keep me warm wildfowling, on the moor and walking up.

    Suggestions welcome
  2. Try putting your hands inside them!
  3. Don't know if you need trigger gloves, if not try these. Handschuhe
  4. I reckon they're actually colder in the neoprene than out.
  5. Gloves › Country Clothing › Page 2
    Have a look at these all our guns seem to shop here. I have seen the Musto ones on parade a few times and heard them being recomended.
    PS I have nothing to do with John Norris and i don't really like Cumbria!
  6. Skytec argon thermal gloves Skytec Argon Thermal Gloves

    £5.16 delivered to your house, really warm and very tactile as they are designed for very cold, fiddly work. Awesome gloves for the price and the winter climbing community really rate them.
  7. You could try them on your feet but they work better on your hands
  8. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Actually for once, I feel I may be able to help? As a young sprog I was privileged to meet and climb with climbing hero's. Joe Brown and Chris Bonnington to name but two. Not because I was speshul, more because the older guy I worshiped and followed (steady in the Savile seats) was mates with some top climbers.

    Snow & ice - no problem. Stinging sleet coming in sideways off of the Irish Sea? I'd be cold but no problem.

    But with advancing years... problem. My feet are freezing and my hands are dysfunctional they are so cold.

    I asked the lad at Berghaus and he said "There is no answer. It is old age".


    Seems you can wear mittens like a ski bunny, which will keep your fingers close together. But there are no gloves yet designed to keep your hands warm in sub zero temperatures.

    I would love to be proved wrong on this because I am pissed the **** off with having white cold hands that look, and function like those of a corpse.
  9. Dachstein mitts?

    The problem isn't the cold, its when they get bloody wet.
  10. I'll recommend wearing 2 pairs of gloves. Get yourself a pair of thin meraklon gloves and then a pair of the woollen fingerless mits that have the mitten pouch that you can either wear over your fingers and thumb or have held back with velcro. Not great looking but works well. At least it did form me as a surveyor in 7 Canadian winters working outdoors with survey equipment. Down to -16 or so anyways. Below that and down to about -43, you need serious kit and wet hands are not an issue THAT cold.

    2 minute internet search threw these up

    Fold-Back Fingerless Mittens (Olive with Suede Palm) > Buy Online at The Handpicked Collection

    Haleth Meraklon Glove from Taunton Leisure Ltd

    I used to use just the meraklon gloves in down to about -16 when ski touring and working hard. They just keep the wind and moisture off your hands.

    Or wear the meraklon with wristlets / wristovers. The wristlets / wristovers work much better than you might think. I have a pair of meraklon ones from an RAF survival pack. Cracking. Also consider a fleece with the thumbhole loops in the cuff. All these keep your dexterity too. Just keeping the back of your hands warm makes a huge difference to how cold your finger get.

    Failing that it's silk liners and great big ****-off gloves from Berghaus or Mountain Equipment with a suitably high price tag .....

    *Edited to add this link to Survival Aids. They have everything you might need ..
  11. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

  12. As someone who sails in all sorts of stupid weather the search for the holy grail has nothing on this problem, one trick that does seem to work is to massage a good lump of vaseline into the hands before setting out. You really need to work it into the skin and you may get some funny looks (though I'm used to that by now) but it does seem to work. All the boat companies do fingerless gloves but I have found the best to be the bright orange wool/cotton ones with plastic ribbing sold in the builders merchants for a couple of quid.
  13. There is. It is known variously as "Hunter's reflex", "Lewis response", or more simply "cold-induced vasodilation". It is the body's way of counter-acting the loss of periforal blood flow, whereby the blood vessels which had previously constricted to prevent excessive heat loss open up again to restore blood flow and thus prevent tissue damage. It is a natural response of the body, but it does not necessarily work for everyone, and it improves with use. To encourage it to happen, whilst in a cold environment, keep your fingers exposed and working, and keep the rest of your body (especially your forearms) warm.
  14. I seem to keep them afloat (and I live in Cumbria!) - but I really want opinions rather than selling, so personal experience counts.....
  15. I used to wear the [yellow] Dewalt ones when skydiving in the cooler UK winter months - which I admit was eyeball freezingly stoopid, but I was also wearing about 4 layers of other clothing.