Glove suggestions please

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Bravo_Bravo, Oct 25, 2007.

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  1. Being a soft lad I'm thinking of getting some posh, warm and dry gloves.

    Any thoughts?

    Tried Sealskinz, dont like 'em.
  2. Barbour do a good neoprene glove, nice and warm when they (inevitably) fill with water running off your gary. Gets a bit sweaty, but the advantage is you can just plunge them in a sink first opportunity and they dry pdq. They also do a nice thin liner for the coldest temperate weather, which gives a bit of flexibility.
  3. as an 'exercise companion' ;-) or am l thinking of something else???

    Berghaus are ok. (for keeping hands warm!)

    Telic issue socks good as a love sock (apparantly....)

    Random l know but lm bored.
  4. if you go to telic or herrick you may get some gucci kid gloves desert dpm style
  5. If for use in this end of the world, a pair of decent neoprene shooting gloves may well do. I bought a pair in my local gun/tackle shop many years ago and they're still going fairly well. Very good at keeping some sembalce of wamth in yer digits, even when wet.
  6. I have IST prolines, used them windsurfing and sailing.Obviously those wont be what you're after but they have a wide range. Might be worth a look.
  7. Read the forum policy.
  8. Get a black velvet glove that sneaks down over your face
  9. I'm also serving, unlike you, you fossil.
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Gloves? Bottom smock pockets, provided your smock is at least 190/120 and down to your knees.

    If you don't get issued smocks, you can try the same with your combat jacket :D
  11. Cheeky boy.

    I have problems holding porn when my hands are in my jacket pockets.
  12. I can agree with Foggy on this one. A good set of neoprene shooting gloves are good. They come half-fingerless also, which I prefer.
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Sooty for the left hand and sweep for the right one! Sorted!
  14. Okely Tactical gloves. Warm enough, palms nothing can get through and they make you look like a walt. I love mine.

    try about £30.

    You poof. Sorry had to get that in.
  15. Depends on where & what but harking back to Sennybridge in winter:

    Magic gloves. Not sure on the brand name but what we called magic gloves are very thin but tightly woven fabric gloves. Thin so they dont get heavy and gopping when wet and they dry out really quickly. You feel through them too so you can leave them on. Surprisingly warm. I use these for day to day or as a base layer under waterproof gloves.

    On top of those for those really dark cold moments, something goretex - I never had the money but coveted a guy who had a pair of big fook of 150 squid mountaineering gloves that are fully waterproof and fur lined. Might take up space but in really bad wet cold weather, they seemed worth it. He was the only guy without 'excersise claw' after two long weeks. I made do with north face waterproof/goretex gloves though issue gloves weren't bad.

    Tried the neoprene barbours which are fine if you're only wearing them for a short period of time but in sustained wet weather I started to get wrinkly trench hand' so never went near them again.

    Also, take industrial hand cream, never found a brand that was strong enough but helps to relieve excersise claw.