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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Croque_Monsieur, Jan 11, 2006.

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  1. Looking for a quality pair of gloves for civvie shooting, I do a lot of muzzleloading shooting mostly outside and it is feckin' freezing a times. I still need to be able to manipulate powder tubes, shot, percussion caps, flints etc so I'm not looking for baggy ski gloves here, more of a second skin to stop me fingers going numb and still be able to feel the trigger properly.

    Any pointers?
  2. Try Sealskinz, rumour has it they keep your hands at a constat temperature, whilt completely dry.

  3. have used sealskinz quite a lot recently. They are good for holding the rifle , changing mags e.t.c however I found them useless whilst trying to clear a double feed. they are very waterproof but are not good if the temp goes down low. I was using them in -6 and found them a bit nippy . A pair of magic/wooly/stretchy gloves underneath sorted this.Therefore in conclusion for general shooting/operating yes as for fiddly things not to sure, but then again only you can decide.

    it was disscused on a prev thread
  4. Yep. They are apparently all the rage!
  5. 307

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    Or you can just get a pair of neoprene gloves, same material as wet suits, hence fit like a second skin, or a pair of merkalon gloves, some suer thin space age fabric that is apparently quite warm.
  6. cheap pair of nylon inners inside a pair of fishing gloves. Neoprene, high wrists, finger less on thumb and forefinger and waterproof! Winner all round thus far!
  7. in regards to the neoprene ones, they hold water. unless you like everything you touch getting drenched don't go near.
  8. Go to any large urban connurbation, preferably Manchester or Liverpool, you'll find loads of civvies there for shooting, sounds great fun, if there's enough interest shall we make it an arrse day out ?
  9. I use some Franklin base ball/polo "batting" gloves that have tacky leather palms, the palm leather is a bit thicker than air crew gloves and the back is spandex. they are hard wearing but the downside is that they are a bit brightly coloured. They are cheap as chips in the PX but come in various sizes. Nice and warm although water resistant rather than proof, but is there such a thing as a waterproof glove when it has a feckin big hole to stick your hand in............
  10. I use a pair of OG leather flying gloves. Not very warm, but very soft supple leather and close fitting. I shoot .22 and 7.62 target and find mag changes and sight adjustments easy with these gloves. When I'm standing about I put on another pair (NI gloves) over them to keep warm.