Gloucester ACF AI

I used to work with an AI from Gloucester. They seemed to be a good lot, alot of emphasis was on AT and not green skills but that might just have been her view.
Met a couple on Frimley park courses and one lad came on temporary attachment to my county. The ones I met seemed a fair mix across the range from military skill s to AT. They all seemed like a good bunch of people with high standards. Hope this helps
Xplosiverab said:
Glos are OK from what i've seen of them on the courses I've been on. However, any County will have its fair share of Walts, Cunts and Twats.

Prime Example I heard last night "When I was in the TA, I slept next to a firing 105 Light Gun"

Did you fuck.
Would that have been "not-so"? Bet he didn't take his wash kit either!!
Xplosiverab said:
Old Elevenarife. If you've been to tenarife, hes been to Elevenarife. This bloke packs his washkit last because if he hasn't got room he leaves it out. Dirty cunt.
Or if you tell him you've got an elephant, he's got a box to put it in!

Wash kit? So he cant find room for a packet of wet wipes, a battery shaver toothbrush and toothpaste (as a bare minimum, living out of webbing for 36-48 hours only)

Stupid, dirty cunt
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