Glory of the Empires 1880 - 1914

Glory of the Empires 1880 - 1914


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Glory of the Empires 1880 - 1914 - The illustrated history of the military uniforms and traditions of Britain, France, Germany, Russia

Glory of the Empires 1880-1914 by Wendell Schollander. (ISBN: 978 0 7524 8634 5)
First published; 2018 by The History Press, The Mill, Brimscombe Port, Stroud, Glos.,GL5 2QG

The first noticeable thing about this book is it's size. As a certain reviews editor said, "It is a coffee table book; put a leg in each corner and call it a coffee table". To quote Sir Terry Pratchett, 'this is the sort of book, that with a good overarm lob; could bring down a charging rhino!' This is a...
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