Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by ArmyYid, Oct 26, 2007.

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  1. Like many a Lillywhite, I hope the Spurs go marching on, but I fear it may take some time.

    Farewell Martin Jol, top bloke, great manager, let down (as ever) by the players.

  2. AY,
    Not just the players.
    Don't forget how the Board treated him as well - disgraceful.
  3. what did he expect from "dirty yids" :roll: :wink: :roll: :wink:
  4. I guess he's lucky to have escaped with his pound of flesh intact.
  5. True, True. The behaviour of the board from August onwards was hardly fair to Jol.

    Dirty Yids - a new one on me Knocker, I have to admit.

    It is Chris Hughton I feel the most for. 30 years service at the club, I remember him as a player when I first started supporting Spurs - a true Tottenham man and dropped with the same indecent haste that befell Gary Mabbut some years ago.
  6. The writing was on the wall really, the table doesnt lie. How much money have Spurs spent over the last few years?

    Feel for Jol though, a thoroughly nice bloke by all accounts.
  7. Be careful ArmyYid, Taz_786 thinks you're a hook nosed subhuman yid and would have you suicide bombed by his islamic extremist mates.
  8. Jol was shafted by the board at Tottenham. He was undermined before the season even started.
    Jol can leave WHL with his head held high.
    And surely Chris Hughton is a shoe in for the RoI job?
  9. at least you can look forward to a long and successfully period under Ramos.............

    Just like you had under Graham, Gross, Hoddle etc. I will give him 5 games before you are doing what all yids fans are famous for - whinging
  10. Apparently there is a 40,000,000 "War Chest" available for Ramos.

    We need a few things.....

    ......a Midfield,

    .......a defence,

    ........a goalkeeper,

    ........ I think we are OK for strikers, in fact...lets get rid of a few..... 8M for a second hand Bent "One carefull owner, rarely used, a good runner but not too efficiencient!"

    Interesting to see home match tickets selling like hotcakes, tried to get tickets for Wigan next weekend, no joy, Man City was next aval.....Spurs seem to be quite the curiosity!!

    Not sure about Ramos though......anyone who is prepared to dump his club mid season must be a team player, hope he does not do the same to us!!!

    Good Luck Clive Allan tomorrow.

  11. What an utter fcuk up. If I were Ramos, I'd be considering if this was the sort of people that I would want to work for....
  12. While Jol took us to 5th last year this season start has been terrible. Some of his purchases over the summer were absolutely shocking. How could he have wasted that much money on Bent who's fcukin crap?
    He may be able to leave with his head held high for his achievements, but on recent form it is time for him to leave. The board did act disgracefully and should be ashamed of themselves.
    As for the players; our defence is shocking, given the "quality" of players they should be much better. Perhaps Jol should have spent some of the Bent money on the defence.
    Robinson is piss poor and should be quietly put down to put him out of his misery.
    Hopefully before the end of the season they can pull it round. I wasn't alive in 1976 and so would not like to see Spurs relegated for the first time in my living memory.
  13. Red arse!
  14. maybe "the yids" should approach......


    he was good at sorting them out before as i remember. :wink: 8O :wink: 8O
  15. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Its like Christmas has come early!