Gloom and Doom Fear strategy for LiarBore

How many more scare-mongering stories will this pathetic Govt put out in an effort to scare us so much that we will believe that a change of Govt would be folly and that we should keep the Labourshi'ite in power again ?

Crap like this is beginning to grip my shi'ite

Does Broon really think that we will trust him with our future ??

Foil hat on - soap box away ! :evil:
Might have been a good idea not to tarmac over so much of our farmland for 'executive developments' of shite little twee boxes, mightn't it?


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We have plenty of farmland but our European masters do not allow all of it to be used, in order to force us to import food from France.
with 2% of our population producing 60% of what we eat, plus all the waste already left to rot frankly thats rubbish. it seems to be using the projected world food shortage (primarily in developing and 3rd world nations) as an excuse to "intensify" our farming with GM as 2nd and 3rd world nations should be doing. whilst ignoring our own farms are already some of the most intensive in the world and in some cases actually produce too much.

wouldnt be the first time a report was produced to MP's specifications tho.
So not only will we continue to send 'aid' to countries that fight against us or have their own space programme, we will now grow food for them and export it rather than grow it, use it and be more self-sufficient. And no doubt we will be expected to subsidise that expense too and we will find that we will be paying more for our home grown food that the people we will be giving it to. :x

something about give a man a fish / teach a man to fish etc, etc.

"Its the way they tell em...!"

"The Bigger the Lie, the more often its told..... the more likely the naive, stupid and downright gullible will beleive it all...!"

Uncle Joseph Goebells... or words something similar.....
African could feed the world , Zimbo could and did feed quite a bit of Africa but the Uncle Bob took over and Genocide is not a work spoken about Black African on Black African.

Be it a bullet to the noggin, a machete to the neck or "No food unless you are a party member" . Killing your own is Genocide in my book.

Brown could order a mission to "Adjust Uncle Bobs breathing problem" and I think it would be seen as a just mission by most and it might start the food increase that the one eyed goat is trying to get a Nobel prize for .

Not that he is really trying that all he is doing is obfuscating the voters as usual anyway TW*T.

So thats of the cards then :(

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