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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by jumpinjarhead, Apr 6, 2012.

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  1. This is too good not to share (apologies if someone beat me to it)
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  2. You flipping burgers to back up the pension JJH ?

  3. Did you see the state of his getaway car.
    Amateurs Pah!
  4. I did not see that--you seem to have experience in this line of work!
  5. I would be frapping to it if they all pulled out .357 586's and pythons.
  6. 686, please! Soooo much pwittier in stainless. They made a 3" version did'nt they, for customs or border patrol, liked that one particularly.

    Anyway, did someone mention Glock.............

    If I may be so bold:

    Me and bekannte on the Glock stand, posing, after doing a comparison shoot. Me on the right wearing the speshul SF sunglasses.


    Me peering over the Gunny's shoulder after being nagged to get into the pic. I don't like pics with celebs. The Gunny is a nice bloke, well he would be with what Glock pay him - and he's never more than 2 steps away from a fag or a coffee.

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  7. Worked with THEM I see.:)
  8. So, some bloke with a fetish for wearing used panties goes into a diner to grab a coffee. He can't leave his shotgun in the car unattended can he, so he takes it in with him.

    Looks like a lot of yanks over-reacting if you ask me!

    Used panties is not a crime!!
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  9. What you see before you is a cunningly camouflaged 4 man burger and beer patrol............well they are German officers, what would you expect.
  10. The reasons to detest America continue to mount up.

  11. Go on then, tell us how you really feel.
  12. That's unfair of me, but Christ, the gun-totting, freedom preserving , Jesus loving shite that regularly spews forth from that colonial experiment from every medium is exhausting.
  13. Because their policeman can be trusted to carry firearms on a regular basis, you mean? It is annoying to make the comparison, when you look at ours and see that 75% of them are scared of guns and the other quarter morbidly obsessed by them but ought never, ever, to be permitted access to them.
  14. Jelous

    Great Britain may be the finest country on earth but the gun laws are shit.
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