Glock 17 handgun course

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by woody, May 1, 2013.

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  1. :policecap: If you get a chance to do this jump at it. Instruction by police firearms officers lots of 9mm ammo
    and they treat you really well.
  2. treat you really well, did a few of them miss and hit yer?
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  3. LOL.
    Food good ,accomadation good, No fuckabout factor at all. Its even an indoor range so can't even make you stand around pointlessly waiting for clearance.
  4. Are you from Brazil?
  5. Are you trying to provoke me into shooting you? cos I'm qualified to do that now, and it only took a bucket load of 9mm to do it :thumright::policecap: I got the lingo down and everything.
  6. OK, I'll take the second bite. Where is the course?
  7. Kent. The police need students for their student instructors to be assessed teaching. So that's how we get to go shooting seems to come up every year or so. So look out for it.
  8. Course? It took me about two minutes to figure out the gat - even if it was a 21 in .45. Shit... did you say... Kent Police? I'm off.
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  9. did you get trawled or volunteer in advance?
  10. Someone dropped out so I got it as last minute dot com:policecap:. "As in what are you doing next week woody?"
    " Want to do a handgun course?"
    :woot: If you like shooting and it comes up do this course.
  11. Is a certain Sgt from Hereford the instructor, I hear he needs use up some ammo sharpish
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  12. I done this in 2010 with the Kent police, probably one of the best courses I have Ever done. They Drove one of their vehicles into the indoor range for some fun as well. Worth getting on.
  13. Links please. Where do you apply through CoC?
  14. The thing is when I done the course it was only open to the London regiment because the CO had good connections within the Armed police wing in Kent. He only opened it up to our regiment (3 PWRR) because he couldn't get the numbers for the course that year. I think the london regiment have one every year and sometimes offer it to our regiment when there are low numbers within his own unit. Probably why they let the OP (who is 3pwrr) and others from my battalion got on it.