Globespan Airline goes into Administration

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Python21, Dec 16, 2009.

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  1. Who? Never heard of them.

    Woah! 6 1/2 years to make your first post! Good contemplating!! [​IMG]
  2. Not from tomorrow
  3. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Nah - it will just take him another 6 1/2 years to respond. He is like "Deep Thought" from Hitchhikers Guide. :)

    Anyways - Mcpooplop airways aren't the only carrier, there is no threat to the airbridge.
  4. Coventry Airport went bust last week and an airline I have never heard of goes bust this week.

    Summat's up, lad!

  5. Don't worry, I'm sure the MOD can find another airline with a dodgy safety record to take us all off to sunnier climes soon!

    Flew with them a couple of times, never without incident. The last time was back to Basrah in April.....they ran out of water 20 minutes into the flight and so nothing to drink for the rest of the flight! Nice!

    I couldn't really understand why the MOD used them, the only airline that I know of that had it's ETOPS certificate removed for dodgy servicing practices, and they were fined for flying over the atlantic without a number of their instruments working. But then I remembered who it is I work for and how they always go for cheap not quality. After all, cheaper to replace a plane load of servicemen than to have forked out all the dosh for lots of safe flights!

    I wonder if O'Leary will bid for the contract? Just up his street I'd have thought.
  6. If O'Leary did get the contract just think off the hidden charges,how many bags for the hold? The 1st seat is £10,the last one £xxx+credit card charges.What price a cuppa?Pay for the Bog! Or even standing room only,if you want a seat,pay extra! the mind boggles!
  7. Course if you get seriously pissed off 'n' wear a CherryBerry you could always exit mid-flight thereby breaking the 50yr + record of Paras 'non jumping in anger'...might even get the 'power that be' change their minds about the imminent disbandment... :D
  8. +Saving landing fees
  9. He still won't accept MOD90 as photo ID though. :p

    Edited to add a D to ID.
  10. Class! Do you think he'd accept an L85 up his hooter as ID then?
  11. That's fucked my holidays up then.
  12. Having just heard about the demise of 'Flyglobespan' a few questions have crossed my mind:

    a) What are the guys in the 'Bottom Naafi' at MPA going to try and shag (including the blatenly gay blokes) on a Wednesday and Saturday night?

    b) How am I going to get there for the New Year?

    c) What are the Bennies going to do now that 'Flyglobespan' isn't flying from Brize, they pay a lot of money for those flights (and the travel agent is the RAF!)

    d) Do I have to start swimming now?
  13. FFS tell me that civvy airliners come with central locking and you can't open the doors in mid flight. I've known of a few pi$$ed and/or deranged passengers who have tried to open the door mid flight.

    It is, of course, essential for military planes to be able to open the doors/ramp while aloft. As demonstrated by a former Soviet pilot who found that the herd of cows he was rustling in his C-130 like cargo plane had broken loose from their restraints. Being nervous fliers, they proceeded to stampede in the little space available, thus destabilising the plane.

    With no other option, the pilot saved his aircraft by opening the ramp at the back and pulling into a steep climb. The cows quickly made their excuses and left. One of the pilot's partners in crime left with them. The family made homeless when a cow doing 200+ mph went through their roof failed to see the funny side.