Global Warming

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by EX_STAB, Jul 19, 2008.

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  1. A wah - must be, it's freezing here.

  2. a bunch of arrse, we used to have summers.

  3. A serious concern to me - I intend to invest in more knitwear.

  1. Global Warming? It's too cold to sit outside the pub!

    I'm calling it a wah!
  2. can't wait till the warming part starts in Scotland :D
  3. I have to sit outside, I can't afford to go inside!
  4. I need a new beer cardigan so knitwear it is.
  5. Complete and utter bollox.
    They changed the name to climate change because they got the warming bit wrong.
    Climate change is a fact, its natural and has been happening since the day the planet was created.
    Despite the fact we are being robbed blind under the guise of it the simple fact is we are being forced to do a King Canute on the job.
    Instead of focusing our resources on dealing with the inevitable future of a changing climate we are forced to piss in the wind by fighting against it. By the time we accept the inevitable we will have squandered massive resources trying to prevent it.
    Mans impact is negligable, its called evolution.
    The likes of Brown jump on the bandwagon simply because it is another oppurtunity to take cash out of our pockets.
    They'll be telling us next we are running out of oil.......
  6. Very good but is it cold, wet and blowing a gale there too?
  7. Most of the day yes, but the sun came out this afternoon ruining my theory of an impending great flood (as per Noah), just whenI thought I would get a nice fat grant to prve the theory :(
  8. What did the septics ever do for us?

    The Gulf Stream, my man, the Gulf Stream.
    (Except it's switching off, a long time after none of them ever switched on.)

    Suggest woolly jumpers - a million sheep can't be wrong - and patio heaters (ignore the CO2 emissions).
    You will not get your summer.
    You will get glimpses of it, when it looks safe to break out the shorts, shades and sandals, but 2 hours later it will be windbreakers, wellies and woolly Y-fronts.
    So it goes.
    That is why it is called climate CHANGE.
    (Global 'warming' just didn't quite convey how it would bounce between the extremes in very short order.)

    So before ye olde Gulf Stream decides to give up the ghost and we get the same wonderful climate as Labrador, suggest you head south - way south - to pubs of a more tropical clime.
    They may be getting hotter, so hope they have the fuel to run the fridges to keep things colder. Try Gulf states (east AND west) or Nigeria/Angola, while supplies last - and are affordable.

    We could of course all stop farting, methane being a far more potent greenhouse gas than CO2, and curb our intake of hops-based beverages, middle eastern meat takeaways and near eastern spiced dishes.


    Personally, I am covering all bases and shall therefore be constructing a tornado-proof bunker (shorts optional) for the summer and stocking up on an ice-class vessel (Helly Hansens optional) for the winter, with both bits of kit available for any time of the year.
  9. Can't disagree on your statement, however its too hot to sit out here at the minute