Global Warming

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by 4-8-Alfa, Sep 7, 2007.

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  1. There’s a fair chance this will crash and burn but here goes any way.
    We as a family do what we can to protect the environment. Recycle where possible, use low energy light bulbs, turn of the taps when cleaning our teeth, ad – nauseam.
    Things we have installed in our children and grandchildren.

    Well I was chatting with Mrs 4-8, wondering if we could or even should do more and I got to thinking – is it worth it?

    On one hand we have Al Gore and his film An Inconvenient Truth. pontificating about how we are all doomed unless we act now and on the other hand there are papers from eminent scientists stating it’s a natural cycle and there is nothing much we can do about it. There was quite a good programme on channel 4 a while ago refuting most of what we are being force fed

    I do appreciate there are things on a global sale we should react to eg the deforestation of the rain forests. Or on a local level recycling more if for nothing else reducing the amount sent to landfill.

    Have we got to a point where saving the world is now industry driven and no matter what we do the world will do its thing any way? ie gone beyond its tipping point. Will we as individuals saving the odd kg of carbon dioxide make a difference?

    Basically can we do more? Should we do more? Are we all doomed? Does any one care?

    Lastly, any one know what the difference is between Global warming and climate change? Seems to be the same thing to me.

    And for the cynics I’m not a reporter, tree hugger, associated with any groups, forums or organisations.
  2. Don't recycle paper, thats the worse thing you can do.

    Paper is made from trees grown for the reason. They grow fast and use loads of CO2, by sucking it out of the atmosphear. By recycling paper and card you are stopping poeple from planting trees. Thus you are adding to the CO2 in the air.

    Recycling, it bad for your health.

  3. Call me old fashioned but I was under the impression that a tree produces CO2 but it is utilised during photosynthesis. It absorbs more CO2 than it produces regardless how fast it grows.

    Simply put;

    Air is 360 ppm CO2 by volume, not mass, therefore, the mass concentration depends on the molecular weight of the compound. For CO2 (MW = 44), 1 ppm (v/v) = 0.001800 g/m3 @ 25C & 1 atm. Thus, 360 ppm (v/v) = 360 X 0.0018 = 0.648 g/m3. The amount of carbon (MW = 12) in this much CO2 = 12/44 X 0.648= 0.177 g/m3. 250,000(g carbon/m3 wood)/0.177 = 1,412,429 times as much carbon in a cubic meter of wood as in a cubic meter of air.
  4. I'm very worried about climate change the summer was a washout, I want the global warming that we had last year back, the odd hosepipe ban but at least you could have a BBQ.
  5. I conserve energy by sitting on my ARRSE all day...

    I wonder if I can have a tax-break or something? Us students don't get enough free stuff.
  6. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    As any fule kno. perhaps you could go into more depth on the science for us?
  7. Did that actually answer the question?

  8. Eh?

    Oh yeh, you're old fashioned......
  9. Of course not. I copied it from a geek site.

    The Earth is warming up. That is a fact. How much of a cause we are is up for debate but certain govts and causes seem to be using it as a jolly good excuse to take the piss. Govns to earn extra revenue and certain causes to add pressure to the anti-globalisation lobby. It appears to be fashionable at the moment to be 'carbon aware'. If you feel happy that youre doing your bit then crack on but in reality, me driving a 5.0ltr V8 compared to a Toyota Prius is akin to me taking a slash in the Rings of Saturn. The price of fish will not change a great deal.

    I say we murder more cows. They are the real cause to it being a tad warmer.
  10. I couldn't give two hoots about this global green tax warming rubbish! Hence why I'm importing a Pontiac GTO from the good old U S of A.
    Red ken can chock on my fumes.
  11. Many years ago I used to recycle my rubbish,then the local (Bosch) council wanted more money because the heel clicking krauts-and me-did it so well that there was no rubbish but the council workers still had to be paid!!

    No more sorting rubbish for midnight.

    It´s still summer and in Garmisch where I live it´s fcuking freezing!Global warming my left nut,maybe just maybe the Ice-Age is in its last throes,which means the icecaps would have melted anyway.

    If we don´t switch to natural power like sun wind and water,the human race will probably not survive for much longer,the earth will,but we won´t be here to notice.

    So why are we fighting for oil..........................
  12. Climate change is the result of global warming - thats the difference.
  13. Feck me Flashy! I bet you can construe Latin as well!
  14. All a con, it's just cyclic and if it goes t**ts up, there'll be a new dominant species is all. I think my mutant boy is the start: keeps out of the sun in darkened room, eats rubbish, breathes own fug.

    Same gang who cut their teeth on the Year 2000 end-of-cmicrochip-civilisation, dishwashers-will-turn-on-their-owners stuff have had eight years to spend the zillions they made out of that scam, now they're back in different hats, dragging some very well-meaning people along with them. Recycling is in the gift of those who have something to cycle, so Lesotho and two thirds of the rest of the world ain't got the starter pack anyway.

    Gotterdammerung: If I'm wrong, I'll map-read for the Norse gods as they ride their mighty glaciers out of the fjords into the lowlands, when the heavens come to meet the earth.

    (You do know the O2 comes from vast, continent-sized shoals of plankton, photosynthesizing light and sh8tting air? What eats plankton? Bloody great whales, is what. So, cut down the rain forests, make spears, kill whales, think more clearly.)
  15. Even if it is CO2 emissions I doubt what we do will make a difference if the world's heading for 12 billion people by 2050. The money would be better spent on minimizing the consequences imo. If it was me I'd spend all the "green" money on sea defences, flood defences and growing our own food. Lifeboat UK.