Global warming --- my A##se

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by thedobo, Jan 5, 2010.

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  1. Looking out the window at a foot of snow, thinking, terrible thing this global warming.

    Aint seen al gore-blimey on telly frightening the kiddies much the last few days.

    What a con!
  2. Please find below an extract from today's Australian newspaper. When you've read it, perhaps -- and I admit this is a grossly optimistic assumption -- you may come to realise the world is bigger than your backyard. A concept I candidly admit seems impossible to put over to most Britons. Still, we can but try:-

    "WINTER warmth and February and November heatwaves bumped up temperatures across Australia last year, giving the country its second-warmest year in a century of record-keeping.

    The Bureau of Meteorology's annual climate statement, released yesterday, shows the mean temperature for the year, 22.7C, was 0.9C above the base 1961-90 average.

    The average maximum across the country was 29.64C (1.04C above the base average) and the average minimum was 15.86C (0.76C above the base average).

    The hottest year was 2005.

    National Climate Centre senior climatologist Dean Collins said the heatwaves were remarkable for the number of records broken and their intensity and duration.

    "Having three in a year is clearly a sign there is something going on," Mr Collins said.

    The bureau said the year closed off Australia's warmest decade on record. "In Australia, each decade since the 1940s has been warmer than the preceding decade," it said."
  3. Right, so you've got global warming and we've got global freezing. And the reason must be obvious - Oz needs to cut down on its bush fires and plant more trees, UK needs to return to coal fires, rebuild its steel industry and promote an increase in its carbon emissions by reducing the tax levy on petrol and diesel.
  4. Gets my vote. Putteesinmyhands for PM!
  5. Well... the UK Met Office is predicting that the Summer of 2010 will be one of the hottest on record... a bit like 1976...... Any takers..... Wellies... or Bar-Bequeus.... :?
  6. You mean like the "BBQ summer" we would have in 2009? Summer was on a tuesday I think last year between 13:00 and 13:25.
  7. Global warming --- my freezing A##se.
    I think you meant.
    Cold here of a night.
  8. Apparently it was -10 in parts of Farnborough last night. Bloody glad I wasnt there!
  9. Some random bloke from the Met Office on the telly this am.It seems you have to see the "big picture",and that the last decade was the warmest on record.
    It also seems that accurate long range weather forecasts,are along way away.
  10. What? Where? Somewhere like Perth, Western Australia? That's a long way away. And why would we be bothered about the weather there?
  11. I bet you're a right laugh with your mates down the pub.
  12. Sorry mate, but "my place gets hotter and it's global warming, and your place gets colder, and it's climate change" isn't a convincing argument.
  13. It's worth noting that climate change doesn't necessarily mean 'everything gets hotter, everywhere'. It really means 'everything gets more extreme'. So we have enormous hurricanes in the US, desertification in Africa and Australia, stupidly hot summers and freezing winters in the temperate zone that the UK is in and rising sea levels from melting artic and antarctic ice.

    So, the snow outside your window doesn't really mean anything, in the grand scheme of things.
  14. However the ice levels have actually increased the last 2 years...

  15. [​IMG]

    Do not question the myth of 'Man Made Global Warming'… all you have to do is believe!