Global warming may stop due to natural variation

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by angular, May 1, 2008.

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  1. Well, if global warming stops, then by default we have global cooling. The eco business is the ultimate hedge! Win - win.
  2. If global warming stops will:

    The London congestion charge be abolished?

    Will taxes for cars with higher carbon output be reuduced?

    Will the council come and remove the microchip in my wheelie bin?

    Will the cost of fuel come down to reasonable levels?

    Can I increase my carbon footprint and sleep at night? (Not that I give a damn right now anyway).

    Wear my polar bear jacket in public again?

    And all other scheming ways to finger our purse in the name of global warming?
  3. Ballcocks! I've just bought a load of garden furniture, a massive bbq and huge bucket for beers in the hope itn was going to be like Ibiza around here.

    I best start putting that earth back in the hole in my garden for my swimming pool too.

    Lost the receipts too.
  4. Careful you may get burnt at the stake using renewable fuel of course for spouting your heretic views
  5. ...umm not really heretic. Note the change in the meedja from "global warming" to "climate change." These b*ggers have got all bases covered.
  6. Global cooling/warming the ozone layer rising sea levels all the same just dont ask for actual proof or you will be put on a par with holocaust deniers
  7. Chicken little coming home to roost?
  8. Well, if you believe the climate doesn't change, you really are on par with a holocaust denier. What is difficult to concretely prove is that man is the cause, and denying that has caused many good men to be castigated. I have a picture in my head of Monbiot being spit roasted under patio heaters whilst being basted liberally with petroleum products.

    I've said before on here that this is a geopolitical issue. Can we realistically control the problem? - No. Therefore resourses should be used to deal with the symtoms. Interestingly though, many of the green movements' claims that we need to be more efficient in the use of resourses, and particularly petroleum resourses are valid. Not that by using less we'll save the planet, but the reality that it will simply be too expensive.
  9. Completely agree with you.
  10. I agree sancha the climate does change it has been for the last 4 billion years it's the assumption that 200 years of industrial activity by man has doomed us all is what i was poking fun at. Though it isnt funny the way it is being used as a cash cow by mainly western governments
  11. Couldn't agree more. And it certainly ain't funny what the governments are doing! We're doing the wrong things for the wrong reasons, and until the lying stops I think we'll see even more excessive government manipulation to try to overcome increasing inertia from the public. This is our 21C window tax!
  12. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Of course it's our fault. In the same way the dinosaurs and mammoths caused the previous (and numerous) swings in global temperature through their immense carbon footprints. Have you seen the size of a people carrier built for a family of hairy elephants?

    Mind you, if a T-Rex fart can't screw up an atmosphere I don't know what can.
  13. My head hurts from being fed bollox from politicians and scientists. Mans impact on climate change is negligable for reasons we all know. Now the climate isn't changing as predicted they are moving the goalposts to account for their dodgey ideas.
    Whats more important is that my arse hurts where Gordon Brown has been reaching in and raping me for every fooking penny he can get. Now scientists are paving the way for a miraculous reprieve fron the disaster they have imagined we are still being porked for every penny based on lies and deciept. Nothing of the money stolen by Brown will actually make any difference to global fossil fuel emmisions anyway. Might buy some more bloody Mosquito nets I suppose.
    I hope that Labour h=get a serious kicking at the local elections today, something needs to change in this country and it needs to change now.
    Liars and thieves to a man, thats the politicians and the scientists being paid to produce bollox data to prove a bollox theory. I want a refund
  14. Im sad and do all this at uni. Yes humans have an impact on the climate but that alone could not trigger an iceage or mass extinctions. It would require lots of volcanic activity to produce lots of carbon to bock out sun etc. Its just a cash machine for governments because our impact is minimal when you consider places like China and India are producing massive amounts what impact can you hope to have by trying to reduce the x% we produce when you leave the bigger x% NICs produce. Ahh dont you love politicians.