Global Warming is a lie ?.

Discussion in 'The Science Forum' started by armadillo, Oct 30, 2006.

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  1. I suspect playing devils advocate that global warming is a convenient untruth, propagated by greedy corporations, propagated by neo luddites and greedy tax men.

    Looked around on the net and discovered there is some conjuncture as to wether global warming is caused by man.

    I think that pollution is bad
    I think recyclying is a good idea but also uneconomic
    Carbon emissions dont frighten me as we are carbon based lifeforms in a carbon organic eco system.

    I have discovered we have neared the end of an ice age so it is getting warm, but my real concern is that green organisations are sexing up scientific reports to gain there own political world view. Politicians are and have fallen for the green propaganda and are seizing on it.

    New cars are more environmentally friendly than the cars of twenty years ago, a toyota prius emissions nearly match my four year old car.
    CFCs are banned fantastic, I love organic foods, respect the whale and recycle when I can. I walk more than ever and never litter and support wildlife centres.

    I am just worried that the the ECO left wing have overtaken on peoples concerns about sea levels and warming. Sea levels fluctuate like all things in nature and the sea level in the fens has risen and dropped nearly fifteen times in the last 4000 years.

    Have we become victims of our own fears?
  2. Note to the septics:
    More CO2 is emitted in the production of a new car than it will ever emit in it's lifetime. Yanks who buy a new car every 2-3 years because they think it's more 'economical' are misguided saps blinded by car adds.

    Industry emits the vast majority of CO2, so why are they planning to tax the cr@p out of domestic emitters in the UK? Because if they didn't, industry would have to recoup the expense and pass it on to the consumers, then we'd all be up in arms that everything costs so damn much.
  3. Cheers Milsum someone who thinks along the same lines,


    Green and keen but have no permission for the taxman to recycle the paper in my wallet.
  4. Im sick and tired of this environmental BS.

    If the Earth really is warming up then theres bog all humans can do to stop it, anymore than we can stop earthquakes or volcanoes or tornados.

    Even we all chose to live in caves we wouldnt alter the Earth's temperature by even 1% so why even bother trying?

    In the meantime im still going to keep driving and enjoying air travel regardless of what this govt does.

    All this green bollox is just another pretext to get more hard-earned cash from our pockets.

    Besides we humans are here to use the earth as we see fit.

    I couldnt give a flying fig about the state of the Earth by the time I depart it.

    Thats for future generations to resolve, if im not around it aint my problem and I couldnt give a stuff.
  5. Just picking on the one point for now.

    Why uneconomic? Glass drink bottles are recycled some 40 odd times before being broken up to make new bottles. This means a saving of 93% of the cost of making new bottles. something like 90% less bottles actually made, and making new bottles from broken up old ones is also cheaper and more efficent than making them from sand.

    If it works for glass then why not for other substances?
  6. All very well Taz, but whether or not you think it a load of rubbish the govt will implement legislation that will affect the car you drive, where you drive it and how much both cost, how you heat your house, the price of your next washing machine/fridge, the cost of air travel (and being a small-arrse island it's something we can't really avoid) and general cost of living for you and your family. Look what they're doing to drinking alcohol in this country? It'll be curfews next. Oh, there already are. Oops.

    I love living in the UK.
  7. You have to sort the glass, manpower vehicle logistics
    You have to wash the Glass, remove oils or harmful substances
    You have to remove the labels
    you have grade the glass by colour and glass type
    you have smelt the glass removing the slag
    you then have to purify the glass with stabilisers and emulsifiers
    you have to cool the glass
    you have to store, move and ship the glass

    All the above require polluting vehicles, all the stages require a lot of energy and manpower so for one glass to be recycled forty times that is forty times the pollution of primary manufacture.

    This applies for aluminium, plastics, paper and even compost.

  8. Welcome to the socialist state of Great Britain,
  9. I don't think that global warming is a myth. The figures speak for themselves, the world is getting warmer, but I'm not altogether convinced that human activity is the sole cause of it.

    The Earth's temperature does appear to fluctuate quite a bit, and there have been various theories put forward as to the causes.
  10. Well that would be fine if each bottle was broken up and melted each time it was reused. As it is the bottles are cleaned and then refilled.

    Costs and pollution are something like 90% LESS than making a new bottle each time (if the recycled bottle makes 25 round trips).

    Not got any figures available for aluminium but would have thought that melting down a coke can would have to be cheaper that digging the ore out of the ground and making a can out of it?
  11. I thought you meant bottles that go to a recycling bank, milk bottles oh i miss them were a fantastic idea. Not this plastic rubbish.
  12. Armorddildo


    Recovery of the metal via recycling has become an important facet of the aluminium industry. Recycling involves melting the scrap, a process that uses only five percent of the energy needed to produce aluminium from ore.[6] Recycling was a low-profile activity until the late 1960s, when the growing use of aluminium beverage cans brought it to the public consciousness

    So after 10 min searching your statement is 50% crap.

    you win the twat prize today.
  13. I think it is not nice to call people names, what a waste of carbon methinks, Melting the scrap may be less than creating metal out of bauxite and huge amounts of electricity, but you still have to get it from place to place. Found a buliding firm using canals to transport building materials fantastic.

    My main point is has global warming become a mouse mistaken for a monster?
  14. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    A freind of mine is a Met Office boffin and says that Global warming is mostly a matter of opinion, He believes it all bosh and he has studied it non stop since 1988...... Normal temparature variences, wouldnt it be funny if the seasonal temparatures dropped in the next few years!

    I believe this is all a grand excuse to raise more tax pounds from an already impoverished population- if its all so bad just ban it all?
  15. If you're talking about deposit bottles (i.e. soda or beer bottles) the yes you are correct Steven. Where I work, we re-use plastic bottles too, (4-5 times on average), and get easily 40-50 uses out of glass bottles.

    I think armadillo is partially correct in his assumptions as well though, but he has overestimated/exaggerated the difficulties involved.