Global warming? Death to the cows!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Steven, Dec 11, 2006.

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  1. So a Government ban on meat eating and forced conversion to vegetarianism can't be far off then?

    Maybe a green tax on McDs and the like?

    Or will they just ignore this and keep going after the car drivers as normal.

    Some of you will be amused at the website name :)
  2. So do natural wetlands, volcanoes, etc etc etc.

    The biggest problem with global warming is that actually stopped in 1998, according to the climate research unit at the University of East Anglia, and we have got neither warmer nor cooler since.

    All this focus on one of the minor components of global climate, of which we contribute a tiny fraction, absolutely bemuses me.

    Well worth the read is this:
  3. Cows produce 40Ltrs of Methane a day!
    There are scientists in US, UK & Oz that are working on a form of anti-biotic for ruminants (Cows, Sheep Goats etc) which should limit the amount of gas they produce. Methane is the 2nd most serious Greenhouse Gas behind Carbon Dioxide, approx 18% of the effect, so yes it really is a problem worth solving.

    Who says Loggies are boring.
  4. Does that mean Gordon Brown is going to slap a green tax on
    milk and stakes. :D
  6. I must admit i'm fairly scepticle myself as well. Three points though:

    1. We still have difficulties immunising vast amounts of population in the lesser developed countries, what makes the authorities think they'll be able to immunise cattle in these areas?

    2. Cost? EU will make it manitory & we pay through nose, and LDCs will say b*llox to it on cost grounds.

    3. Your point ref bacteria developing immunity - Humans are immunised against all sorts and yet very few of these organisms have activley developed the ability to overcome innoculation purposes. Otherwise why do we still do it. MMR, Flu jabs, Anthrax etc