Global Warming/Cooling

Discussion in 'The Science Forum' started by Taffd, Mar 3, 2012.

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  1. What temperature is it and what temperature should the world be?
  2. Sometimes it's hot. Sometimes it's cold.

    Swings and roundabouts really.
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  3. I have oil shares so it's definitely cooling and I'll repeat that loudly on the interweb until I'm blue in the face. You can't take these "scientist" some of them believe in evolution and the efficacy of elbow patches.
  4. It's official...The the world is not a hotel room with a thermostat regulating temerature from a central heating system. Apparently it's more like a tiny planet floating through space and is affected by nature, including activity of the living organisms on it. This means that the temperature probably supports life, important if you just happen to be a living thing. But nature as usual is killing us in one way or another and mankind is now giving a helping hand. Please don't ask what the temperature should be...nature does not care. When it gets too hot or too cold we are doomed...something to do with ecology and entropy.
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  5. Outstanding. :-D
  6. It won't do you any good. There are far more people with shares or careers in alternative energy, carbon trading, climate research etc. They have the money for some serious propaganda, not just some postings on the web.
  7. Solar panels are propaganda? You think the idea of harnessing the greatest and most consistent energy source in our solar system is propaganda?

    OK. :roll:
  8. What temperature is it? - Have you looked at a thermometer or at least opened the window and put a wet finger outside!
    What temperature should it be? - It's not a set thing, it tends to alter throughout the day! But as long as you're not dying from dehydration or hypothermia, then the temperature is just about right. :thumright:
  9. First, learn to understand English: I said that several groups, including alternative energy providers, could afford propaganda, not that solar panels are propaganda.

    Second, I am in favour of research into solar power. I am opposed to mass producing uneconomical solar panels, the way we are now.
  10. Ha, a small fry of dirty tree huggers and swotty low wage boffins, ranged against the financial might of ExxonMobil, Beyond Petroleum and myself. Though I must say carbon trading is a most ingenious and generous gift to our speculative friends on Wall St.

    Cooling I say, cooling and the dire risk assessments of major insurers and peer reviewed findings published in every respectable scientific journal be damned to Hell. There that proves it, The Lord simply will not tolerate further heretical conspiracies of unwashed specky nerds against his anointed jock Petro-Capitalists blessed be their shares, in the name of the oil, the shales and the Holy gas.
  11. You are obviously not paying attention to the reports that you oil company is sending you. “Big Oil” is making good money out of “green” fuels and happy to let people believe the warming propaganda.
  12. Yes I do read Beyond Petroleum's heart warming little PR fairy tales about the economic viability of wind farms etc, oh look a polar bear, but with the happy knowledge it's good old fashioned oil business plus the joyful fracking of oil shales that is engorging my portfolio at the moment.
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  13. The fact is the world IS warming, and has been doing so since the end of the last ice age. The land temperature has increased 0.9 Deg C in the last 50 years. We are just in an exponential phase which started well before the industrial revolution, and evidence strongly suggests that increased temperatures have been causing the CO2 to rise. not the other way round. CO2 increases lag some 600 years BEHIND temperature increases. We might only be responsible for adding 5-10% extra CO2, the majority coming from permafrost warming up. Anyway, it's a good idea to conserve resources for other reasons.
  14. Not for my share portfolio it isn't, Jesus wants you all out there on the freeway redlining SUVs the size of Centurion tanks, in first gear, with the handbrakes on.
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  15. What is uneconomical about solar (I presume you mean PV)? It might not give a fast return in the UK but it is getting cheaper all the time.