Global warming - bunch of arrse!

Well the nature of climate change is that some places that were warmer get colder, some that were colder get warmer, arid regions get floods, droughts come to rain forests. Canada has been getting a few tornadoes.
read somewhere the other day that cows are to blame, apparently there are thousands of the grass eating fart factories producing methane. It didn't bother the world years ago when the plains of America were black with the Buffalo (Bison) and the plains of africa where covererd in all types of grass eating animals as far as could be seen in any direction. Surely just replacing one herbivore with another all produce methane to some extent so why blame the cow?

mind it could be a plot to eliminate burgars hence make a saving on the NHS from having to deal with over weight fackers.

Wonder what the neo communist liabor shite can eliminate next?

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