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Global Warming: Bring it ON!

I heard this too. Better agriculture in the UK and fewer of us pegging it due to cold in the winter.

Downside is the possible return of malaria bearing mosquitoes and other nasty beasties. There are apparently scorpions and tarantulas living wild on the south coast. Remember - if you live in Portsmouth - check your boots before putting them on in the morning.
A serious problem will be migration of vast populations of people displaced because their homelands are now either underwater or are on fire, these will mainly be muslims.

There is a movement saying that its the UK's duty to take them all in as we started global warming with the Industrial Revolution.

I say place a gimpy every twenty feet on the entire UK's coastline.
So these new developing countries like pakistan, india and china don't pump out a stupid amount of gases?

Come on chaps lets be considerate here. These countries have dwindling resources and too many people. Lets help.

Lets get aircraft at 35000ft to drop a few tons of pennies out the back over the fields. Anyone who survives can pick the pennies out of the corpses of their dead mother/brother/camel and rebuild their economy. Also, whoever survives now has enough resources to stop whinging and coming over to our frigging country.

If the weather gets hotter, does that mean we will get hordes of sharks in the english channel? :twisted:

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