Global Warming... a hoax?

Discussion in 'The Science Forum' started by scoobish, Nov 18, 2009.

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  1. 31,486 scientists sign a petition against the theory of "man-made" global warming.

    Who shall we believe?

    A couple of hundred, "non scientific" politicians with their eyes on a new tax revenue stream?


    31,486 scientists? who have used many Physical research methods

    I Know who I believe...

  2. No debate from me.
    I'm firmly in the climate change denier camp.
  3. That petition is a hoax.
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  4. Says who?
  5. Who cares - the world is going to end in 2012
    Trees are supposed to absorb the CO2 from the atmosphere, yet many countries have carried out illegal logging. Maybe we should pursue those
  6. Just to point out that Global warming is so last year.

    It is now Climate change, that way if the weather becomes warmer or cooler its because were all evil people causing it from our....." whatever they decide this week" .

    Just to let you know I am copyrighting the environmental expression I designed called " climate Stagnation " this is just in case the climate does not get either warmer or colder.....and I can then loan the phrase out to the treehuggers in their latest campaign.

    The Climate has Stagnated because you are all evil bastards who drive gas guzzling cars.....quite a catchy campaign eh!
  7. All American Scientists .........

  8. I do. And incidentally, I'm right. :D

    Every time a climate change thread pops up on here it quickly becomes an exercise of barking at the moon. I think a 10 year old could take a close look at it and reel off a list of reasons why it's bollocks. I'll give you a couple for starters.

    If you start from the point of accepting that all of these 'people' actually ticked a box somewhere on a web page to say they didn't 'agree with man-made climate change' - which is a big if looking at the state of that piece-of-sheite site... It's un-referenced and unaccountable. Signing an electronic document does not equal peer-reviewed research publications and scientific consensus. People will sign anything on the internet. Gut feelings and suspicions are right up there with my gran saying it's bad luck to put new shoes on a table, or to have ivy growing in the house. Madness.

    "...Carbon dioxide is environmentally helpful". Stinks of dodgy oil propaganda and you're mugs if you're taken in by such utter tosh.

    Getting Joe Blogs to make a reasoned and informed argument to debate the issue is like sending an airsoft walt up Basra road and expecting him to know which end of the rifle is the angry bit.
  9. Clearly a well reasoned argument as to why I should believe you.My Gran had the same thing about shoes as well.Mind you,it's been fcuking cold here today,so a few more degrees would be welcomed.
  10. however German scientists also reject man-made global warming or as the proponents of the AGW religion now call it "Climate Change" when the weather/climate proved them wrong, yet they are still predicting a 6 degree Celcius rise by the end of the century - though as the wold's climate is cooling at the moment one is unsure whether the six degree rise will be fronm todays' temperature or at the nadir of teh cooling.

    Interestingly it would appear the the ice in the Antarctic is not decreasing; see "Russian icebreaker Carrying 100 Tourists Stuck in Antarctic Ice", though there are now reports that it is free.
  11. Damn. Beaten to it. And you have spolied a thread that would have at some point included "but I was told that pouring engine oil on the grass was good for the lawn", "Yeah, but the temperature over the last 3.5 months has actually gone down" and "we are overdue an Ice Age so global warming is a good thing" etc. etc. etc.

    Which would have made me laugh.
  12. I think it's a Northern thing, a bit like my grandmother was. Are you Northern? I'm informed by people in the know that climate change won't be happening in the North of England. It will always be cold and miserable there -which is why I will continue to take my holidays in Hartlepool.
  13. re: my last - 450 Peer-Reviewed Papers Supporting Skepticism of "Man-Made" Global Warming can be found listed, with links, HERE
  14. consider:

    5% are web signatures, 95% are not.

    The current list of petition signers includes 9,029 PhD; 7,157 MS; 2,586 MD and DVM; and 12,714 BS or equivalent academic degrees. Most of the MD and DVM signers also have underlying degrees in basic science.

    Their fields:
    Atmosphere, Earth, & Environment (3,804)

    1. Atmosphere (579)

    I) Atmospheric Science (112)
    II) Climatology (39)
    III) Meteorology (343)
    IV) Astronomy (59)
    V) Astrophysics (26)

    2. Earth (2,239)

    I) Earth Science (94)
    II) Geochemistry (63)
    III) Geology (1,683)
    IV) Geophysics (341)
    V) Geoscience (36)
    VI) Hydrology (22)

    3. Environment (986)

    I) Environmental Engineering (487)
    II) Environmental Science (253)
    III) Forestry (163)
    IV) Oceanography (83)

    Computers & Math (935)

    1. Computer Science (242)

    2. Math (693)

    I) Mathematics (581)
    II) Statistics (112)

    Physics & Aerospace (5,812)

    1. Physics (5,225)

    I) Physics (2,365)
    II) Nuclear Engineering (223)
    III) Mechanical Engineering (2,637)

    2. Aerospace Engineering (587)

    Chemistry (4,821)

    1. Chemistry (3,128)

    2. Chemical Engineering (1,693)

    Biochemistry, Biology, & Agriculture (2,965)

    1. Biochemistry (744)

    I) Biochemistry (676)
    II) Biophysics (68)

    2. Biology (1,438)

    I) Biology (1,049)
    II) Ecology (76)
    III) Entomology (59)
    IV) Zoology (149)
    V) Animal Science (105)

    3. Agriculture (783)

    I) Agricultural Science (296)
    II) Agricultural Engineering (114)
    III) Plant Science (292)
    IV) Food Science (81)

    Medicine (3,046)

    1. Medical Science (719)

    2. Medicine (2,327)

    General Engineering & General Science (10,103)

    1. General Engineering (9,834)

    I) Engineering (7,281)
    II) Electrical Engineering (2,169)
    III) Metallurgy (384)

    2. General Science (269)

    Names and Quals are here:

    What was your science qual'? You forgot to mention it matey....
  15. Or consider that 97.4% of active climatologists (or 19.5 out of 20) agree that climate change IS man made.