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Global Terrorism Index 2019

tl/dr The UK has the highest number of terrorist attacks in the EU, mainly accounted for by the new IRA but those attacks result in a low number of fatalities.

The Global Terrorism Index 2019 has just been published here and an overview from the Telegraph here.

Page 10 of the index shows the UK is ranked the 28th country most affected by terrorism in the world. As you might expect first place goes to Afghanistan and perhaps unexpectedly the country least affected by terrorism is Belarus, coming in at 138.

However when it comes to EU countries the UK comes top in the number of terrorist attacks, which mainly occurred in Northern Ireland. From Page 45 -

"Europe recorded 62
 deaths from terrorism in 2018, of which 40 occurred in Turkey.
 Turkey remains the most affected country, although its score did
 improve based on a 50 per cent reduction in attacks from 2017
 to 2018. There were 95 incidents, resulting in 40 deaths,
 compared to 119 attacks and 123 deaths in 2017.
 The United Kingdom, on the other hand, had twice as many
 attacks, totalling 95 incidents in 2018, but just two fatalities.
 Eighty out of the 95 attacks occurred in Northern Ireland,
 including the two that resulted in fatalities. In both cases,
 civilians were shot by unknown assailants. Terrorism in
 Northern Ireland remains largely related to the conflict between
 republicans and unionists there, while at least six of the 12
 incidents in England explicitly targeted Jews, Muslims or Sikhs."

Other interesting findings:

The total number of deaths from terrorism declined for the fourth consecutive year in 2018, falling by 15.2 per cent to 15,952 deaths.

The use of women as suicide bombers is on the rise.

Incidents of far-right terrorism have been increasing in the West, particularly in Western Europe, North America, and Oceania. The total number of incidents have increased by 320 per cent over the past five years.

In 2018, total deaths attributed to far-right groups increased by 52 per cent to 26 deaths. To the end of September in 2019, 77 deaths have been attributed to far-right groups.

However, far-right terrorism remains a small fraction of total terrorism worldwide. Even in the West, historically nationalist separatist, Islamist, and far left terrorism has been much more common.

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As the European nation with the most incidents, but one of the least fatalities, is that because our terrorists are particularly crap at it, or is there another reason why we fail so dismally when it comes to killing the shite out of each other. We used to be so good at it!

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