ArseyMO said:

FFS - This is Sh*te :x
Agreed, was hopeful that it was a Broon led initiative towards the armed forces - silly me!

As for this one!!!! Someone needs to get out more :x


Why they sorry? they havn't personally done it have they?! after all, most of them probly sit at their f*ckin computers all day posting on forums! :)
Reverse caption competition - I need someone to come up with a suitable photo for the caption
"I'm so sorry, I couldn't give a fcuk."

Standbyyy go!
I'm so sorry my nation is stuffed full of pinko, liberal tree-huggers whose idea of global responsibility is to post "I'm sorry" on some docile t'internet blog?????

Confused of Tidworth, UK.
Oh, I am sooo tempted to post on there 'I'm so sorry to give a sh*t' with a piccy of a steaming turd :twisted:
Am I not a good person .... just cos I want to register on there so I can say "I'm sorry that there's a load of mongs on here that think that this site is not totally mad and a load of shit!!!" !!

I know I'm nice really, so why is this urge come upon me Lord?? Should I seek therapy and counselling?

Naaaaah will I bollix. What a load of shite. Especially the braindead tit that is apologising that the USA carried out 9/11
I'm so sorry...I couldn't give a fkuc.....

The-Lord-Flasheart said:
This one made me larf;

RIP Fella, stand easy

May your light shine for ever more, you are such a loss to the world, the sun will never seem as bright as when you where here, may the heavenly choirs................................

OOps sorry wrong thread

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