ArseyMO said:

FFS - This is Sh*te :x
Agreed, was hopeful that it was a Broon led initiative towards the armed forces - silly me!

As for this one!!!! Someone needs to get out more :x


You should make your own versions and post them up there,I'm sure it would get an interesting reaction.

For example:

"I'm sorry I didn't meet my sales targets for this year,and thus deprive (insert country) of 2000 new assault rifles."

John from BAE
Why they sorry? they havn't personally done it have they?! after all, most of them probly sit at their f*ckin computers all day posting on forums! :)
Reverse caption competition - I need someone to come up with a suitable photo for the caption
"I'm so sorry, I couldn't give a fcuk."

Standbyyy go!
I'm so sorry my nation is stuffed full of pinko, liberal tree-huggers whose idea of global responsibility is to post "I'm sorry" on some docile t'internet blog?????

Confused of Tidworth, UK.
Oh, I am sooo tempted to post on there 'I'm so sorry to give a sh*t' with a piccy of a steaming turd :twisted:
Am I not a good person .... just cos I want to register on there so I can say "I'm sorry that there's a load of mongs on here that think that this site is not totally mad and a load of shit!!!" !!

I know I'm nice really, so why is this urge come upon me Lord?? Should I seek therapy and counselling?

Naaaaah will I bollix. What a load of shite. Especially the braindead tit that is apologising that the USA carried out 9/11
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