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Can anybody point me towards a sword reconditioning service? I have an old one that needs a good polish and all the hilty bits redoing. The scabbard also needs replating. I believe the usual tailoring suspects will do it for an arm and a leg, but there has to be better value available somewhere, surely?
London_Jock said:
We had a batch done by Wilkinson Sword a few years ago, who did a very good job, but I think they will only do Wilkinson Sword blades and are expensive.
I had my sword refurbished last year by Wilkinson Sword. It wasn't made by them originally. They did one hell of a job on it.


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Jeremy Tenniswood will be able to quote you for it - I've seen some he has done and they are good - he'll be a lot cheaper than Wilkinsons Sword:
What about chatting to someone in Donnington or Bicester, I do believe that is where all the ceremonial service swords are conditioned and refurbished. Might save a few bob if you can get it done there.

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