Glitter up the Mekong

String the sick,perverted little w***** up by the balls!!!
Read he was at it again.His travel to there should have set the alarm bells ringing tho.
At least if he's jailed over there,he wont have the luxuries like the cons have over here!And there, X years MEANS X years!!!
You should add a poll to this thread along the lines of, is hanging to good for him???

Then again it's bound to get a 100% result so it's probably a waste of time.
I'm sure the Viets have a few war-surplus punji sticks they can put to good use.

Da na na na... Hey! Da na na
Da na na na... Hey! Da na na
Dargggh naww naww naww... Hey! Daghh nawww nawww
Unfortunately BRIBERY is a big thing in this part of the world. The best bet is if the overseas press make a big issue of the case so it cannot be swept under the table, easily.
I said some time ago that if you got caught interfering with kids in Thailand ya feet wouldn't touch.
Recently I have it brought to my attention by a local editor, that two Foringers so caught 'seem' to have got off with slapped wrists.
Pity he didn't make it to Bangkok for there are some very senior officers there who would have dealt with him.
I know that last line contridics what I have said but then this is the exotic orient where many things are not what they seem.
News Daily Mail
Girl, 12, 'I had sex with Glitter'
06:40am 21st November 2005

Two girls, one aged 12, told authorities they had sex with former rock star Gary Glitter at his home in Vietnam, police said.
Glitter, 61, was detained by immigration officials on Saturday at Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City while trying to board a flight for Bangkok.

He was later turned over to provincial police in southern Ba Ria-Vung Tau, police and immigration officials said.

Police had been searching for the former rocker, whose real name is Paul Gadd, since he fled his rented home in Vung Tau on November 12 amid allegations that he committed indecent acts with a minor.

Glitter, who rose to fame with a glam rock act in the 1970s, is perhaps best known for Rock and Roll (Part 2), which is still frequently played at sporting events.

He has not been charged with any crime but remains in custody at a jail outside the coastal city, police said.

Vung Tau police said they were continuing to investigate the case and will be questioning him further. A British consulate official said Glitter was given access to consular officials on Sunday and was seeking a lawyer.

In Vung Tau, a police officer said the two girls, aged 12 and 18, claimed in interviews with police that they had gone to Glitter's home and had sex with him there. There were conflicting reports that the second girl had not yet turned 18.

Under Vietnamese law, sexual contact with a minor carries varying degrees of penalties, depending on the charge.

"Obscene acts with a child" can get up to 12 years in prison while child rape carries the maximum penalty of death before a firing squad.
Good. Let that be a lesson to fleeing kiddie-fiddlers that regard Southeast Asia as a haven, and outwardly respectable Western men who want to take pedophile's holidays there. :evil:

I hope his c0ck falls off before they shoot him.
Paedophilia is an incurable illness. Putting someone in prison for having cancer won't cure him, neither will putting a paedophile behind bars. The only way to control a paedophile is to remove all possibility of him offending again. If that means a lobotomy and amputation of genetalia and possibly hands too, then so be it. Unfortunately, he will then qualify for all sorts of disability payouts, including a 24 hour carer, so it becomes a very expensive business.

A rope or a lethal injection are far cheaper options.
Just to stir up a bit of a debate here.

Everyone is going on how this guy (or all pedos) should be killed/castrated/buried up to the neck in sh1t/whatever.

Now the point is where do you draw the age line? In some states of the US having sex under 18 can get you nicked where as in other states you can be 14 and not have any troubles. In Spain for instance the age of consent is 13!

So how do you decide which kiddy fiddler gets his balls cut off?
I prefer the Chinese solution: a bullet in the back of the head and the bill sent to the relatives.

Didn't the Spanish castrate rapists and kiddy fiddlers before they joined the EU?

Edited for post 1up, age of consent: each country can draw up their own age limits as their morals and consience dictate. As for the countries with very low ages of consent (e.g. Holland), you tend to find that while a 16yr old lad can sh@g a 14yr old girl it is legal, but if a dirty stinking pervert like Gadd tries it, then it becomes rape.

Low ages of consent are there not to allow old perverts take advantage of young people, but to allow young people to discover the "birds and bees" without becoming criminals. That way they ask for protection and assistance.

Good point by Steven. Custom and practice are the precursors of law, and that varies from one country to another. Is there a definitve line between kiddie fiddler and legal, regardless of where you are? If so, where is that line drawn?

But on the Glitter business it doesn't seem to matter; whatever the legal limit is in the country he visits, he seems to break it. The UK, Cuba, Thailand, Vietnam...

Tankies Yank; spot on about the paedophile holidays. Children are being violated every day for the 'pleasure' of western holidaymakers.
Mr Glitter is not only an amusing piece of apt rhyming slang, he is also a disgusting pervert, and utterly reprehensible.

I don't know if anyone one else feels as I do, but his behaviour and attitude have spoilt memories of my youth, having grown up with him constantly in the charts. I used to think he was simply the best when I was at Prep School in the early '70s. I went to see him perform on one of his numerous 'come-back' tours in maybe '79 or '80. Fantastic performance, all the old classics, but, I now feel as if I shouldn't look back kindly or happily on such memories.
jonwilly said:
"Obscene acts with a child" can get up to 12 years in prison while child rape carries the maximum penalty of death before a firing squad.
12 Yrs in a Vietnamese prison, after visiting such a place about 2 yrs ago I think he will hope for the firing squad.

As his cell mates will turn him in to the prison hoe & even if he lives through it I wouldn’t like to guess the blood bourn infections he will have. Either way found guilt & he’s dead.

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