glitter trying to bribe his worthless hide out of trouble

MrPVRd said:
I am sure that, if we had a whip round, we could easily beat the paltry $2K and persuade the family to stick to the truth. :twisted:

I am sure that for a paltry 2k we could find enough people to roundly whip GG to repay the family
FFS, what sort of a legal system tolerates such a blatent bribe? They are openly boasting about it. Now that the rape charges have been dropped it doesn't mattrer what the Judges think as they will not consider these matters.

All that remains is the kiddie-fiddling charges and considering the prime witnesses are suddenly wealthy thanks to GG they probably will not even be called to testify. It is likely that even if found guilty, with time spent he is out of there.

$2,000US for each family probably turned out cheaper than the whole holiday cost for gritter.

I hope someone tops this creep or he tops himself.
No! i wanted to watch the firing squad on tinternet, hel ill even do it for free. Damn perv

'The Politics of Heroin' used to be required reading on life in this part of the world.
On the section in Thailand it starts with words to the effect of
While bribery and corruption is normal in South East Asia in Thailand it is a established institution.
Civil and miitary 'servants' are very badly paid throught SE Asia and it is Understood that all minor officials will top up there income by accepting gifts for favours. It is just a fact of life, 40,000 Baht/£60 is said to be going rate for anyone who not an absolute nobody. Nam would be even cheaper.
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