Glider Pilot Regiment (assistance req)

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Oct 18, 2004.

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  1. Ok, Aunty Stella and I recently went on the annual pilgramage to Arnhem the goings on were documented in the NAAFI.

    There was of course a far more serious aspect of the visit, one that plays very near and dear to my heart.

    The old boys will not be directly funded for another visit to pay thier respects to thier fallen comrades and close muckers.

    The Glider pilot regiment association has no 'young blood' obviously it was disbanded many many years ago. While the other regimental associations such as the Parachute Regt and the AACA thrive the GPRA needs all the help it can get.

    Aunty and I took upon ourselves to try and raise as much money as possible to ensure as many of these brave men could return next year, if only to lay a wreath or a card on thier friends graves. The sight of them in the cemetry was truly gut wrenching, with tears of pride welling up from all involved in the service.

    These fellas deserve help. They fought like lions, out of thier depth and massivley out numbered. Each man an emporer.

    Anyone wishing to help please get in touch via PM...... it is our aim to raise another £10,000 to add to the £2430 already raised and try and get every surviving member (who wants to go) to Oosterbeek next year.

    I won't post on the matter again, and this isn't a post begging for money.... but should you wish to contribute, dive in.
  2. I was at Pegasus Bridge for D-Day 60: to my eternal distress I found out that Jim Wallwork had flown over from Canada ( as passenger, not pilot ): this was to be his last visit and I missed him.

    To be able to fly a Glider 10 miles, in the dark, and land within 47 meters of the objective remains a stunning feat of airmanship.
  3. Anyone having any ideas for sponsorship jot it down here.

    I have no problems makign a cnut out of myself for this cause and I know Aunty feels the same, we were just chatting about a parachute jump again but would rather not. :roll:

    I'll do most things, but nothing to do with spiders or bitey things. Other than that if you feel we can raise money in any way shape or form... let us know
  4. As you have done stuff for these guys before, do they have charity collection boxes?

    I know its not much but I am happy to put some round the office to get some additional funds for you while you concentrate on your main fundraising event?
  5. No not done anything like that, the funding has mainly come from business's and affiliated companys in terms of a one off gift.
  6. right ok, well in that case i will start twisting some arms at director level and see if they will donate. Our MD is ex Gurkha officer so he of all people should be up for it.

    Will keep you updated xxx
  7. DoNut,

    Have you thought of getting Army Gliding Association involved in some way?
  8. In all honesty the idea is in its infancy, am open to any suggestions and will follow any leads thrown at me.

    We need another£10k and am happy to invest as much time as I can in raising it.
  9. GOOD AND BAD CO'S....

    Can you let MDN have a similar thing to your monthly donation link on the ARRSE homepage?

    That way, when peeps are donating to ARRSE they can link to a separate option and donate to the charidee mate
  10. I must admit that I'm a bit overwhelmed by the support and PM's that we have received about this so far.

    Many thanks to everyone in advance and I'm sure that we can make sure that all of the guys that deserve to be there will actually be there next year.


  11. Maybe not a good idea, Arrse needs funding and this shouldn't take the limelight away from the site.
  12. not if they took a small percentage of it...and it would be alot easier to get cash from the many users on here
  13. paypal already take a small percentage don't they?
    pie would be getting smaller by the minute......
    Just send big old cheques and hard cash......
    *hmmm suddenly realise ex-hubby was right,
    really am money grabbing b*tch after all..hehehehe*
  14. well give me an address and I will bung em £20
  15. And you can all start by BUYING A T SHIRT - all profits to the GPR. Make ARRSE make a difference!