Groundies Liberation Front

Whats the best way to get the aircrew scum back when they return from a bad flight and start blaming everyone within a 500m radius (apart from themselves)
Point and laugh heartily pointing out that it was their fault for going flying without having 19hrs of sleep and having eaten all the rations. If they had made they're own brew it would not have given them an upset stomach after drinking GLF piss!!!HA HA
When they ask for a refuel claim you are in your mission bubble for stag and can't be disturbed, or claim drivers hours!!!! :twisted: :twisted: :lol: :lol:
going to reintroduce the noble art of the "Tiger Token"

Lynx lands on at the FARP, snotty pilot/cmdr in cab, cab gets filled with motion lotion, last thing before it lifts, big handfull of carefully crafted tiger tokens are pushed through the cockpit door, ala crystal maze

its blinding!

(who needs Acorns)
Ahhh The GLF Lives on,

We had a pilot leave his lid in the crew room once "Afld Troop" he was bustin for a piss straight after he got in. Of course he was known as a bit of a groundie we all know what goes around comes around and we dutifully sciffed his mic. Avvv it!

He's still serving totally unawares, I have to smile each time I salute.


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