Glenrothes - Broone Bounces Again!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by uncle_vanya, Nov 7, 2008.

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  1. 'Labour retains Glenrothes', well it is a Labour stronghold, and maybe the votors do not like what they see in the SNP. The 'Brown Bounce' engineered yet again with the help of Lord Mandelson is still a 'Smoke and Mirors' job. This is all probably on the coat-tails of the OBama Presidential success in America.

    Labour cannot afford to be too smug as this was only a by-election, and the votors, Joe and Jill Public are fickle creatures as far as a General Election is concerned. Will Brown feel he has the 'Cojones' to go for an early General Election in 2009, or will he stay on until 2010 when by Law, he has to go to the Country.

    I bet he will stay on for as long as he can. One week in politics is a long time, and there are plenty of more traps along the way for Brown's political backside to be dragged through. As long as he does not somehow try and engineer a 'National Emergency' so that he and Pals can emulate Bob Mugabwe and stay in power -I don't think Brown is that stupid!!

    Maybe its just that I am a cynical old fart, that I don't trust Neues Lie-bore, or I'm just getting to paranoid :? :?
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    He was supposed to go SPLAT!!!!! as his big greedy, stupid, incompetent, cretinous, ruinous body hit the pavement from 10 floors up.

    Hey-ho, never mind.
  3. Are those people in Jock land really so dense as not to see what Liebour are doing to them and this country?
  4. Yes but most of us cant vote tory on princible and have just realised that SNP's plan for an independant scotland is dogsh*t. Ergo Labour being the only thing left. As it happens Lindsey Roy was my high school head teacher, he isnt that bad a bloke.
  5. Pity he didn't bounce on his f'ing head!

    Dear God!

    There is No Hope' or 'Bob Hope' for this nation when 19000 plus good folk are taken in by the appallingly awful Brown.
  6. Hardly surprising really - I've heard that a Donkey (or One eyed Jack...) with a Labour banner draped across it - would get voted for,in that neck of the woods...
  7. Good, let him think he has bounced just enough to give them a warm fuzzy feeling and risk calling an early election.... then we have them in the killing ground.
    If anybody asks me in the street I'll lie that Browns the best thing to happen to Britain since Wellington and see if we can suck him into the trap. Work those poll figures folks
  8. For all the talk of a bounce Gaydon knows its all spin.

    Look at the facts.

    ZANU have pulled off a 'surprise' victory in jockland (albeit with a slashing of votes).

    We are in a recession that should be playing into the hands of a 'financial mastermind'.

    The tories have looked clueless for months as the opposition.

    There are more and more doubts over CMD's ability as a leader.

    Osbourne looks increasingly out of his depth.

    There is talk of pulling out of an unpopular war for good.

    All of this should lead to the brown bounce we keep hearing of in the media yet the tories are still 13 points ahead in the polls.

    Bounce my arrse.
  9. Surely this is the ultimate jock revenge? "Vote Liarbour, our country is run by the SDP so we're fine. Our MP can vote on English matters though and continue to fcuk them!"
  10. As they say "even a dead cat will bounce if it falls from a great height".