Glencourse selection for AFC Harrogate



I am hoping to attend AFC Harrogate in September for a short course (REME).

I'm wondering if any of you have any insight into Glencourse, as I am booked in for selected 12th April.
Things I want to know include:
  • What tasks will be completed there?
  • Insight into the tasks?
  • Top tips previous visitors can give me?
Please bare in mind, this is the junior entry (not sure if it changes for 18+).

I have currently got an 11 minute runtime as my best, although I have got a serving soldier coming this weekend and early next week to help me get the hang of the pace needed, as thats my main issue.

I have determination (alot of it), and I hope that will help me.

Thank you very much, ARRSE.

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When I was a FRED back in the '70's a 9 minute BFT was the minimum and that time would probably have got you a kicking.


Just got my official confirmation email.

I get picked up from Edinburgh Station on August, 11. Anyone else on this?
Glencorse not Glencourse, Which Edinburgh Station, Waverly, Haymarket?

My advice calm down and think more. If you stop hyperventilating and get your head up, and increase your stride you should easily get the time down.


War Hero
:worship:11 minutes


Done much better that I thought I would at Glencorse, coming out with a B overall.

Been loaded to Harrogate this later this month, can't wait!


Well done. Now go and use the sticky threads for Harrogate and fitness in the recruiting sub forum rather than clogging this board with your own one.

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