glencourse selection 4th feb

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by gwibo, Feb 1, 2008.

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  1. Hey folks just got my date for selection today >_< problems with getting the letters to me so its cutting it very short.

    Im just wondering if anyone was going or has been of recent weeks.

    Also really silly question i gotta tell work im going but not sure how they going to take it that i cant come in for 2 days.

    Thanks for your time
  2. im at lichfield 4th Feb doesn't really help you but good look mate
  3. hey, i was at Glencourse on Thursday and Friday. It was really good and everyone was really nice. The only problem was the weather and we had to run our 1.5miles in a blizzard. Unfortunatly I didnt get within 14mins! :( but i'm going back in 3 months to try again!!

    I have a full time job and i took 8 days off as Annual Leave and so they thought I was going on holiday.

    Dont know if this helps!
  4. Alright.
    Im also going on the 4th, getting very close now, dont know whether to be nervous or excited but i guess i will have no control when the time comes. I will see you there bud.
  5. thanks for replies :D

    im both nervous and excited, nevous cause i dont want to fail as i will feel realyl stupid if i do and excited cause if and when i do pass ill be happiest ever :)

    only concern is the "pass rate" for push ups sit ups heaves etc. they my weak point still run is fairly easy for me atm.

    wish me luck and hopefulyl pass on the tuesday :)
  6. as long as you can do the 1.5 mile run and nothing comes up on the medical your 90% passed,
    when i was there we didnt do any sit ups and didnt have to do many push ups (if your able to do 30-40 ull find it quite easy). for the pull ups most people only did around 5 because we were getting told to come fully down so they didnt count some.

    if you have been training ull be alright, i feel sorry for whoever had to run in the blizzard lol
  7. for the run we had to do it down this little path where it was hard to get past people at the start so expect atleast 30 secs added to your normal time.

    good luck
  8. Tell me about it! It was mental! not only was it bloody freezing, it was so sore with the snow smacking you in the face! we were going to be doing bleep tests instead because of the weather but just before the run they decided against it.
    Unfortunatly i got deffered for 3 months cuz i wasnt fast enough on the run. Passed everything else though.

    Just give 110% on everything on day one and you'll be fine.

    We had to do a 'push up mexican wave'... it was interesting to say the least!
  9. Do they still make you leave the barracks, cross the road, trapse up that hill and run around the old camp? to be honest it's the easiest run i've ever done, simply because there's new stuff to look at al around. It sounds like a stupid idea but just build up speed and then zone out! Before you know it it's done! All the best guys!
  10. when i was there in nov we started under a bridge, ran down this path and back.
    we had to do the push up mexican wave aswell lol.

    the team tasks were the best, we cheated, he saw the plank hit the floor and we all said "no it didnt" and he let us off.
  11. does anyone know if the 1.5 mile route at lichfield is difficult many hills or soft ground
  12. At Lichfield you just go around the square, with a small sidetrack off of it. You'll be running on concrete and there is a small hill towards the end of the run but barely noticeable.
  13. lol

    Something similar happened to me.

    We were on the with all the 'logs' on end that you have to get the barrells across, right near the end we swung the plank out to drop onto the next one - it just grazed the floor for a second but nothing was said so we carried on.

    Completed and were lined up waiting for the next task to start and the Sergeant Major (nice fella) came over and said

    "One of the core principles of the British Army lads, is honesty. Anybody want to tell me anything about that last task?"

    cue a couple of sideways glances before three of us stepped forward "Sir" we said

    He just winked and laughed and blew his whistle :)
  14. I am in the TA in UK but live in Germany. Have been in for 6 years, Been on Op Telic 2 - Iraq 2003 at 18yrs. I have enjoyed every minute of it!..GOOD AND BAD!

    I am now in process of joinin Regs! I'm due to go to either pirbright or lichfield and want to know who has been there and what you did..e.g 1.5 mile tasks, lessons.. anything else of interest! I know what to expect but want details!!

  15. well im just off to bed now im scared silly atm xD dunno what to expect really ill let you know what happened in 2 days :x i just wanna know now xD