glencourse - 16th january


well ive done my interviews and got my dates sorted i was just wondering is anyone else going ro can anyone give any general infromation thanks a lot


i was up in november, its pretty easy to pass. just make sure your run is around 12mins or if going for infranty around 10.30mins. Also the only thing what people failed on was the team tasks. Make sure you let your voice gets heard but dont try and dominate. You'll have to get up at about 5.30am and if your going for a trade you'll have to the maths test at about 7 in the morning. Practice you fractions and equations and you'll be fine mate


I'm going in for junior entry, and it says the run time should be 14.30, but at the ACIO they say that I should get a time shorter than 9.40 because my choice of regiment is Para. So if i get over that would i be deffered?


i was there dec 12th. was gd crack. most of the lads were sound, and nothing too hard. the medical was dodgy because thats out of your hands, but everything else is down to you. put in max effort and you will be fine.

if you need to walk for breath in 1.5 miles you will fail. if you gob off you will fail. team tasks were quality, except it was freezin and pouring rain the whole time.

out of all of us, 11 failed medicals, 1 failed the run(cuz he walked about 200m from finish line) and one lad got pulled whilst waiting for interviews for arguing with the cpl.

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