Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by blueshark, May 5, 2007.

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  1. Got my selection on 16th May at Glencorse i have been in the gym and doing alot of running hopefully i can beat my last run time of just under 8 minutes.Is anyone else going the same time.
  2. Good luck for the 16th, my son was meant to be going but is having second thoughts right now. He is going to suspend his application meantime so won't be joining you :(

    A :eek:
  3. I'll be there got my letter of confirmation today
  4. I'll be there where are you all coming from ?
  5. Edinburgh
  6. I thought they'd closed it. But Good luck to you! Nice place it is too. I was there in '30 years ago this month! :wink: 'made me what I am of anyway!
  7. You will be fine....................Sub 8 minutes, jaysus. Are you Kenyan?
  8. I done 9:32 a week past wednesday, fancy giving me a piggyback round?
  9. I was there in 1997. Lovely place, basically felt like being herded into the bus from the train station and told not to stare at people out of the window "for security". Now whether that was security due to some recent IRA activity or just from the Scots I'm not sure.
  10. Just passed Glencorse the other day, the hardest part about the whole thing is the worrying!

    It's not difficult, just watch out for the OC standing on the hill on the running track during the 1.5miler - few people got caught out walking :thumright:

    Good luck!