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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by shadowmoses55, Jun 18, 2008.

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  1. Dose anyone know where i can find some information on the practice grenade you use at Glencorse. Because i understand there is a written test on it? So if anyone knows where i can find some stuff to revise from it would be very helpful.
    Thank you
    Also i would like to apologise to SuperSnake092 becuase my lack of good english offended him somehow
  2. The what grenade?
  3. the pratt grenade or practice grenade
  4. (*ahem* WAH) surely you mean PRAC young wahmeister?
  5. Before worrying about the finer point's of an Infantryman's tools of the trade, Why don't you worry about revising your use of written English

  6. ok yeh i made a mistake i spelt get wrong becuase i hit the wrong key and then got the name of a grenade wrong but isnt that what the point of this is someone posts a question someone else posts an answer instead of picking up on flaws and beraiting people about them you might want to try helping people.
  7. shadow has 1337 skillz

  8. My Bold

    Does, Capitals youn man

    pratt Why abbriviate something when you are unaware of the correct abbreviation?

    Maybe I am incorrect in thinking this, However since when has Cuz been in the English Dictionary.

    and Finally it's I want to not, not, i wanna

    Anyway rant over what information are you looking for specifically
  9. He's got AGC Clerk written all over him
  10. Okay fine i will edit the origional post
  11. Definately a WAH

    All units to Wah Bakini Red................I Say again all units to Wah Bakini Red
  12. I dont specificly know what exact information i need is there anywhere i can find the break down of a grenade or something like that?
  13. Its to test your ability to absorb and retain information. Not a test on your ability to go on the internet and get information before the test. you only have to remember 5 things on the day so don't worry about it.

    oh and wah.
  14. Oh i thought there was more than that.
  15. Yes there's 6 things to remember in a day, basically you're fooked.