Glencorse selection

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by jon752, Oct 12, 2007.

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  1. Hi i leave for my selection on the 15 ( a day earlyer than the rest) because i had ashma as a kid. I am unsure what time i have to leave but i am going to contact them to ask. My question is though on the ice braker number 3 is Chosen cap badge and reasons. Is that your role you have picked up?

    Thanks. Also im sorry for the spelling. Im just tired after going on a run.
  2. Lol.. saying about asthma and then talking about something else, I LIKE IT :D

    Have you been told that you'll do a spirometry test, and that it consists of riding on an excercise bike?
  3. He said something with the word Spiro in it :D. Though he didnt say what it was about. I saw somthing about the Spiromety test in the booklet they gave us.
  4. Oh right. Basically you have to blow into a tube, go on an excercise bike, blow into it again, wait for like 10 minutes and then blow into it again.. the score you need depends on height/ weight/ period clear I believe, and you must get 80% of that score. Apparently it's damn easy, but everyone is different as we all know.. so prepare :D

    I can't wait :oops:
  5. yes its your first choice of the job you are applying for, say you wanted RMP then its there cap badge you have to talk about.
  6. Just out of curiosity mate, what Regiment/Corps are you hoping to join?

    I hope its not the Intelligence Corps :D
  7. Haha going into the Royal Engineers as a "Brickie"
  8. Cap Badge - Regiment.
    Role - Job role.
    Reasons - Why did you choose that regiment and why did you choose that role.